Designer Alisa Kashcheeva designed a bright attic interior for the customer’s son, who comes for the weekend with his family. The renovation resulted in a cozy bedroom under the roof with storage space and a seating area. The author of the project tells the details of the alteration.

1. Layout  The attic floor has a fairly standard look and the shape of a “triangle”. I wanted to break the visual perception of the room with the help of color, furniture, and light. It was necessary to use the area as much as possible and not overload the interior.

2. Storage systems Where the height of the walls allowed, a niche was allocated for a built-in wardrobe 60 cm deep. Mini-wardrobes were designed in the area of the sloping ceiling. The sofa under the central skylight also has storage space.

3. Finishing The main finishing material is paint. Four colors of cold shades and one complex yellow are chosen – a symbol of the sun’s ray, which is refracted along the surfaces of the bedroom.

4. Furniture The idea of ​​the furniture in the project is to “dissolve” and make it a single color with the walls, to add “airiness” and visually enlarge the space. In the project, I used the owner’s chest of drawers, painting it the same color as the walls. I chose a bed with soft upholstery and a low headboard.

5. How to save The deadlines were tight, and we did not have time to find a door for the project in the color of the walls. I got the idea to use the master’s and paint it, after decorating it with a thin molding. The cabinet furniture was made from laminated chipboard. Soft panels behind the sofa, part of the facades, and ceiling slats were made of felt material.