How often should you water succulents? The golden rules you must stick to for thriving plants

How often should you water succulents?

Since succulents thrive in hot climates, they don’t need as much water as native plants. They’re great for growing in pots as part of your patio ideas or in your DIY greenhouse, but it’s still important to water them.

How often should you water outdoor succulents in pots

The general rule of (green) thumb is that these plants need to be watered every week or so, especially if they’re still young plants that have yet to mature. But if the soil is wet, there’s no need to water them.

How often to water planted outdoor succulents

Whether you plant succulents in your flower borders or prefer the aesthetic of a rock garden idea, succulents can easily be planted in the ground. However, how often you water your outdoor succulents largely depends on the weather and the time of year.

How often to water indoor succulents?

When it comes to indoor succulents, less is more. Houseplant expert Alex Tinsman from How to Houseplant says, 'I like to water the succulents I have indoors roughly every two weeks. They can cope well with long periods without water. They can store plenty inside their cells, allowing them to keep reserves for when needed.'


If the soil surrounding your succulent is bone dry and crumbly, this is a good indicator that your succulent is in need of some all-important H20. This will happen quicker if you have a south-facing garden and your succulents are in direct sunlight all day, so it’s best to keep an eye on the soil.

Looking at the leaves can also tell you if your succulent needs water. If they start to look brown or burnt, you’ll need to water the plant and keep it out of the sun for a couple of days to rehydrate it.


Yes! Succulents are native to desert areas, which means that they thrive in hot and sunny environments. In fact, most succulent varieties need around four to six hours of sunlight per day.

But garden expert Steve Chilton from Leisure Bench states, 'Different types of succulents thrive in different conditions. It is therefore important to check the conditions of your specific succulent before deciding on a spot for them.'

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