How easy it is to keep your apartment clean: 9 life hacks

1. Choose wall-hung toilets With hanging furniture, a toilet, or a sink, the amount of dust will be significantly reduced, because the floor will always be accessible for washing. Special efforts to keep such furniture or plumbing clean will not be required.

2. Get rid of the toilet with a rim This will significantly reduce the development of microbes inside the toilet bowl, and the circular drain system will completely wash all hard-to-reach places.

3. Install an air freshener A conventional air freshener only temporarily neutralizes odors and is short-lived in use, unlike built-in systems in the flush plate.

4. Use a robot vacuum cleaner Modern models of robotic vacuum cleaners with a timer will keep order even when you are not at home. By the way, they vacuum under furniture, beds, around the legs of tables and chairs, along the walls, and in the corners of the room. They also know how to do wet cleaning, and replace mopp.

5. Install a Waste Disposer in the Kitchen A food chopper in your kitchen will keep the drain from getting clogged. He grinds up all the leftover food so that it can simply be washed down the drain. It is located under the sink and does not take up much space.

6. Put a wastebasket in every room Place a wastebasket in each room so that papers, candy wrappers, and other garbage do not accumulate throughout the apartment. In the bathroom and bedroom, you can use baskets stylized as vases or stylish wooden boxes.

7. Get a dishwasher Firstly, it saves energy, and secondly, it saves your time and effort. And if you are worried that the dishwasher will not fit in your kitchen, pay attention to compact models.

8. Choose matte furniture Dust and traces are clearly visible on the glossy surface. Therefore, the furniture should be with a matte and smooth surface. Cabinets ideally should reach the ceiling so that dust does not accumulate on top.

9. Find a place for chargers So that chargers from appliances are not scattered throughout the apartment, collect them in one place, preferably near a power outlet. You can use special cable channels, boxes for wires or ordinary plastic baskets.

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