How do you make curtains look expensive? The 6 tips experts swear by

1. Decorative Detailing

'Decorative trims add such great detail to draperies, giving them a custom look. I do however like to keep the headers of drapery more simple than a lot of extra detail. It can sometimes feel too traditional and formal or take over the look of the curtains,' says California-based interior designer, Jen Dallas.

2. The Right Curtain Hardware

Cathrine Dal from Cat Dal interiors, a London-based interior design firm, advises, 'use a curtain rod with rings. You can’t beat a classic black finish – either in a standard pole with finials or a French style. A simple black pole always looks classic and elegant, and it’s difficult to tell the difference between an expensive vs non.'

3. Choose The Perfect Curtain Length

It is safe to say, many of us have probably made the odd mistake when it comes to measuring for curtains – explore how to measure for curtains so you learn how to do it successfully once and for all, but getting the length perfect can make all the difference when making curtains look more expensive.

4. Create A Beautiful, Bespoke Design

Choosing beautiful, bespoke curtains will not only allow you to tailor your curtain design to the exact needs of your scheme, but you can often further enhance this use of material and print by opting for matching cushions and upholstery too.

5. Consider Your Curtain Material

Emma Clarke says, 'almost any fabric can be used as a curtain provided it has a beautiful drape. Best quality curtain lining and interlining materials give a luxurious finish, enhancing the beauty of the fabric and accentuating shape and fullness.'

6. Enhance Your Curtains With A Pretty Pelmet

Similar to a valance – see our exploration of valances vs pelmets vs swags vs cornices for a full breakdown of the differences, a pretty pelmet can beautifully frame a pair of curtains.

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