How do you decorate a house for Hanukkah?

1. Make Your Own Menorah

Lighting one candle of a menorah each evening marks the holiday, and while it’s always prominently on display, putting it in the front window is a tradition worth observing to mark the holiday and welcome guests to your home.

2. Set Out A Bowl Of Dreidels

Playing with dreidels is part of the holiday celebrations, but these traditional tops can also make attractive decorations. Mix different designs in a bowl for a pretty display. Picking a common accent shade or material will make for an appealing feature. Use the best Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas as guidance for dressing a dining table.

3. Light Up Your Home

Blue and white LED lights like these ones from Amazon can be used in a whole host of ways to illuminate your home for the holidays. Inside, they can decorate a doorway or be used as mantel decor. ‘They’re ideal for a banister, too, but take care,’ advises Jennifer

4. Hang Garlands And Lanterns

Blue and white garlands are easy to hang and bring a festive feel to a home. Use a garland on the mantel as an alternative to lights, or place it across a window, or on the wall or around a doorway. We like this felt ball design from Amazon.

5. Try A Display Of Plates

Blue and white patterned Hanukkah plates will dress up the table and are perfect for serving up latkes, but consider using them for a display for the holiday as well. Set them out on a buffet or side table to create an appealing vignette.

6. Put A Decoration On The Front Door

Decorating a front porch is another way to mark Hanukkah and strike a welcoming note when the family arrives. Look for a Star of David design (but make sure it’s suitable for hanging on the exterior or a home), or a modern take on a Thanksgiving wreath in blue and white.

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