A terracotta-drenched room and a curvaceous kitchen bring a joyful glamour to this Sydney bungalow

Each room in Ara and Janine Campell’s home has amazing visual impact, but it’s been a creative design journey to get this standout aesthetic and one that began when the couple decided they needed more space as their family grew. ‘Our house was getting small and we always had our hearts set on finding a bigger block with a swimming pool,’ says Ara. After looking for a while, the couple came across this place, which convinced them to move forward. ‘We loved the fact it was single storey and relatively open plan, but the biggest selling point was the potential. We knew that with the right designer we could take it to the next level,’ explains Janine.


In the colorful living room, the walls and ceiling are painted in a vibrant terracotta, grounded by subtler monochrome accents. The mix of vivid hues, graphic applications of white and black and curvilinear forms reflects a contemporary nod to 1960s modernism as well as influences from American abstract artist Frank Stella, who Nic is endlessly inspired by. ‘It was pleasing to be able to reference this language in these spaces,’ the interior designer says. ‘We like how it’s elegant but also not stuffy and overly formal,’ Ara and Janine say of the space.


Adorned with plaster, tiles, marble and ceramics, the kitchen reveals its new look after a complete redesign, while a butler’s pantry and family-sized laundry have been installed. Tiling the island upped the style stakes, while also enhancing its beautiful curves, making it one of the stars of the show, alongside the mix of materials and bold flooring. The sun-like arch and grout on the kitchen's curved peninsula also carry through the terracotta color story. ‘Bespoke and unique – I’m sure there is no kitchen like ours!’ says Ara. Their new modern kitchen also contains one of the couple's favorite, and most extravagant buys. 'The material of the tiles on the kitchen splashback is one of our most lust-worthy materials. These were quite expensive but we are so glad we went with them – they add so much texture to the space.'


Throughout the home, Nic balanced practicality with visual impact. ‘The original dwelling had a series of brick archways, which we have incorporated into the design across both structural and decorative layers,’ he says. These curves can be seen connecting spaces, like in the dining room, while also echoed by Nic's decor choices.


With its additional wardrobe space and a dressing/make-up area, the main bedroom has also been transformed. ‘It’s our favourite space,’ Janine says. ‘It has a fantastic luxe hotel feel, which speaks to who we are as travel bugs!’ Coral tones energize the grey backdrop and even the throw has a linear look for a modern edge. Textured paint was used on the lower part of the walls for a creative two-tone effect, a trick also seen used in the living room.

Completely at ease in this environment, Ara and Janine love every detail of their house. ‘Walking from room to room, there is always something to trigger your senses: unique artwork, unexpected furniture – they all catch your eye,’ Janine concludes. ‘At the same time, it is very comfortable. It’s perfect.’ who used cool greys on most of the walls and ceilings and textured paint as a lower dado in the private areas.

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