How do I make my Feng Shui house happy? The experts advise

How Do I Make My Feng Shui House Happy?

Learn about living room Feng Shui, Feng Shui bedroom layout, kitchen Feng Shui, and the principles of the art when it comes to all the other areas of a home, and a better quality of life is said to be the result. And one of the elements of this better life is happiness. But be mindful to get the right start. ‘Feng Shui magnifies whatever is around it, so if your home is cluttered or filled with unhappy memories, implementing feng shui will not work effectively to transform your life in the way you'd like it to until you have cleared the clutter and refreshed the space,’ says interiors therapy and Feng Shui expert Suzanne Roynon. These are the steps to take to make a Feng Shui house happy.

Clear Clutter To Make A Feng Shui House Happy

Clearing clutter is a crucial first stage when using Feng Shui to make a house happy. ‘Clutter can affect the energy flow in your home. A cluttered home can often lead to feelings of tiredness, depression, claustrophobia, and lower levels of motivation,’ says Zoe Warren of PriceYourJob. ‘Use organizing and storage solutions to help minimize clutter in the home, particularly around doors, hallways, and passageways,’ she recommends.

Pay Attention To The Function Of Each Room

To create good Feng Shui in your home and make it a happy one, it’s important to align the function of rooms. ‘Our home and each room in our home must support our functional needs and our lifestyle needs,’ says Kimberly Garner. ‘Make sure each room and the items in the room support the function of the room and your lifestyle,’ she advises. ‘Keep the items in the room related to the function of the room.’

Think Flow

There are a number of Feng Shui house features to avoid when buying or designing a new home, but bear in mind, too, that it is also vital to ensure the furniture arrangements within it do not impede the flow around the house if you want to create a happy home. ‘Blocked flows of traffic can lead to blocked flows of energy,’ says Zoe Warren. ‘For example, in the living room, you should avoid placing your couch in a position where the back of the couch faces the room’s entrance.

Focus On The Entryway

Entryway Feng Shui ideas should be high on your list of what to address to make a house happy. ‘The entrance to your home will represent the energy of the rest of your home,’ says Feng Shui expert Zoe Warren. ‘You’ll want to create a very positive first impression of your home. Keep the entrance clear and clutter-free. The entrance to your home should feel bright, open, and inviting. Add plants to your entryway to make it feel more welcoming.

Understand The Commanding Position

Whether we’re talking Feng Shui bed placement or office Feng Shui, understanding the commanding position is vital for a home that’s happy in Feng Shui. ‘The command position refers to where your furniture is placed in relation to the door,’ says Zoe Warren. ‘You should ideally be able to see your door whenever you are sitting or lying on your furniture. The best spot for placing furniture is ideally diagonally from your door, with a solid wall behind the piece of furniture. This represents your ability to handle all threats and opportunities effectively.’

Create Happiness With Color

Different qualities are associated with individual hues in feng shui, so whether you’re selecting Feng Shui bedroom colors or Feng Shui front door colors, for example, you can harness these properties.

Bring In Plants

Living green plants are said to represent the wood element in feng shui, and with a natural element as part of your interiors, there is increased harmony between this environment and the outer environment.

Consider A Home’s Energy

To make a Feng Shui house happy, tap into the home’s energy. ‘Feng Shui amplifies nine key areas of life, and whether you choose the bespoke traditional method which uses the compass direction and age of the house (especially useful for apartments and large or irregular shaped homes) or the “off the peg” western style Feng Shui based on the location of the front door, you can boost each area using symbolism and by tapping into the energy of the home,’ says Suzanne Roynon.

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