How do I fill a large living room wall? 9 features interior designers love

How Do I Fill A Large Living Room Wall? One of the easiest ways to fill a large living room wall is with artwork – whether a single piece, a collection or in a gallery wall style. 'A commanding piece of statement art is ideal for filling a large wall, as it won’t take up valuable floor space. Two to three pieces hung together is also effective,' advises Cynthia Masters, designer and founder of Panageries. You can then use the colors and textures in the piece (or pieces) to guide your interior design and color palettes, resulting in a beautifully harmonious space.

1. Fill A Large Living Room Wall With Artwork

The most obvious choice to fill a large living room wall is artwork and there are lots of living room art ideas to inspire you – no matter your taste or style.

'If you have a large sofa with a blank wall behind it, then think about hanging a gorgeous, large landscape-format artwork as this can add height, depth and a focal point to the room. By hanging one solo piece in this way, you'll make a statement and the eye will automatically be drawn to it,' advises Helen Armon-Jones, founder, The Art Buyer.

2. Install A Wall-To-Wall Bookshelf

If you love literature, then a bookshelf is the perfect way to fill a large living room wall. There are plenty of bookshelf ideas for living rooms meaning you can find the perfect design to suit your space and living room layout. A floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelf will create a feature wall effect that will add texture and color to your room – we love the geometric blocked look of this design – as well as helping you in organizing a living room.

3. Decorate With A Patterned Wallpaper Or Paint

When it comes to designing a living room, it's worth noting that large walls don't necessarily need to be filled, they just need to not feel bare. A bare wall will result in a room feeling unfinished and unwelcoming. One way to overcome this problem is with living room wallpaper ideas.

4. Add Depth With A Mirror

Decorating with mirrors is always a good idea – whether you're looking to fill a wall in a living room, bedroom, bathroom or even kitchen. 'Living room mirrors are a great way to fill the space on the wall. As well as adding texture and dimension to the room, it can also make a small living room look bigger by reflecting light back into the space,' says Brittany Farinas, creative director, House of One.

6. Create A Gallery Wall

More informal and intimate than single pieces of artwork, gallery wall ideas are a great way to fill a large living room wall. 'If you want to create a gallery wall, then I'd always advise laying your frames out on the floor to create the layout. This will allow you to move pieces around until you find the layout that works best for you, and will avoid you creating many holes in the wall. Ultimately, the key is to create a relaxing room, allowing space and room to breathe around artworks and furniture,' advises Helen Armon-Jones.

7. Embrace The Oversized

If you are new to the world of artwork then it can feel like a daunting prospect –especially if you're trying to fill a large living room wall. As a result, homeowners often try to 'play it safe' by going for smaller pieces. If you have a large expanse of wall, this small single frame will quickly become dwarfed and can even end up making the wall seem larger than if it was left bare.

8. Use The Space To Display Things You Love

Your home should be a reflection of your personality and tastes, so why not use a bare living room wall to inject a little bit of you into the space? 'Try repurposing your hobbies into decor. In this living room, we took our clients' favorite records and turned them into beautiful wall art,' explains Mary Patton of Mary Patton Interior Design.

9. Fill A Living Room Wall With Paneling

If you have a lot of blank walls in your living room, then paneling is a great option. 'Panelling is a simple and effective way to add layers to a space. Often used to create the illusion of a bigger space, placing panelling against a feature wall elongates and accentuates the room,' says Justyna Korczynska.

There are lots of living room paneling ideas to inspire you. 'The highlights and shadows created by the panelling will add another level to your feature color creating a very bold statement wall.'

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