How can you add extra seats to a small dining room? Designers reveal the most convenient arrangements

1. Plan Ahead With An Extendable Table

When designing a dining room, the biggest element is the table, of course. Knowing how big a dining table should be compared to a room and picking the right type of table in the first place can prevent a lot of headaches in the future.

2. Choose A Circular Table

'It's a simple fact: circular or oval tables are a better choice for small spaces because they take up less room, and they're more flexible in allowing more chairs to be comfortably fitted around them,' says Lucy

3. Create Visual Interest With An Informal Dining Bench

Dining benches have become somewhat of a dining room trend over the last year, with the seating arrangement offering a statement alternative to traditional individual chairs.

4. Add A More Permanent Solution With A Built-In Banquette

If you have the room in your budget to make more permanent changes to your space, banquette seating ideas may be a great addition to an entertainer's space.

5. Utilize Seating From Around The House

Using seating from around the house is an age-old solution that households have been using for generations. Picking out mismatched seating options from your living room seating or bedroom furniture, however, does not mean making your dining room look cluttered.

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