How can I make my small room look expensive? 7 luxurious designs – and clever tricks – that make a space sing

1. Set Up A Quiet Spot For Coffee

Maximizing and beautifying a small space is sometimes just a matter of turning unused spots into practical – and pretty – features.

2. Let Storage Sing

A small kitchen might not be blessed with a large or sociable space, however, there is still plenty to feel positive about. If your kitchen proportions are limited, introduce a decorative display on walls and decorate above kitchen cabinets. Leo Cesareo of Leo Cesareo Design emphasizes the practical function of shelving above the kitchen countertop in a small space design.

3. Don't Fight Against The Size

‘When dealing with a small or dark room it’s best to embrace what you have rather than fight it,' says Joa Studholme, color curator, Farrow & Ball. 'Decorate with a strong color that will surprise and enhance the drama, and make the rooms off it feel bigger and lighter.’

4. Go For Maximum Impact

A small room is a perfect place for experimentation, and no more so than in a modern powder room.

5.  Carve Out A Home Office In A Corner

Over the past few years, those of us lucky enough to have a dedicated room in which to shut ourselves away have gratefully recognized the peaceful retreat they provide. However, not every home has square footage that is conducive to a spacious study area, but that needn't mean we shouldn't carve out a corner dedicated to working.

6. Add Vertical Height With Shiplap

From its humble origins of providing insulation to quickly becoming a highly decorative feature, wood paneling, and shiplap are one of the most striking features of many homes across the United States. Wall paneling, shiplap, and wainscoting, like the one in this design by Becca Galbraith of Becca Interiors, add the illusion of height to a narrow, long living room, as well as protecting the wall from wear and tear.

7. Keep It Simple Yet Beautiful With Smart Lighting – And Subtle Furnishings

‘In small bedrooms, I really like using wall lights as opposed to table lamps for bedside lighting,' says LA-based interior designer Galina Holechek. 'Smaller rooms inevitably call for smaller bedside tables and when the full surface is taken up by a table lamp it just seems to defeat the object.

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