What are the six colors of Christmas? Style experts explain how using them right can feel magical

1. RED

Red, along with green, is the ultimate in making your house look Christmassy. Not only do we associate it with Santa's robes (thanks to Coca Cola ads dating back to 1931), but it can be traced all the way back to the centuries-old Winter Solstice celebration, where Celtic people believed holly plants would bring health, wealth and happiness.


The color green has obvious associations with Christmas trees, which date back to medieval times. They often symbolized the Garden of Eden in plays and theatre productions. Nativity plays depicted the story of creation, and a 'paradise tree' hung with red apples (another nod to the color red) symbolized the Garden of Eden, or the feast day of Adam and Eve, which took place on Christmas Eve.


Symbolically, gold signifies the gift given by the Three Wise Men to the baby Jesus soon after his birth, along with frankincense, and myrrh. But it's also a wonderful hue to decorate with, bringing a touch of glamor to any scheme.


Another glamorous metallic hue perfect for Christmas, the significance of silver is historically associated with the star that the Three Wise Men followed to deliver their gifts to baby Jesus. Silver pairs well with other metallics, as well as rich hues like deep blue. Take a leaf out of Athena Calderone's Christmas tree style book and add combine baubles in different metallic finishes, including silver gold and copper, for a high-end celebratory aesthetic.


'Though sometimes overlooked, white is also a beautiful, traditional color to incorporate into Christmas decorating,' says Sarah Wilkie. 'Reminiscent of snow, it will give an uplifting frosty feel, even if we are not blessed with the magic of real snow on the day.'


Historically, the color blue was often associated with wealth due to the high cost of the pigments needed to dye clothes. Jesus' mother Mary is often depicted wearing blue to highlight her importance, making blue a lesser-known classic Christmas hue.

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