Horti-futurism is the emerging sci-fi-inspired garden trend that's like nothing we've seen before

1. Get colourful

‘Incorporating bright colours into your garden is key to achieving a horti-futurism look,’ Josh maintains. ‘Think neon hues, metallic tones, and silver or iridescent foliage.’

2. Incorporate technology

‘While gardening is normally about nature, this trend allows you to experiment with technology as well,’ Josh asserts. ‘Implement features such as LED lighting, automated watering systems, or vertical gardens with hydroponics for a tech-savvy feel.’

3. Utilise reflective surfaces and neon

Think about ways that you can add different dimensions to your garden design, such as ‘introducing water in the guise of reflecting pools, ponds or mirror basins, so that you can look down and still see the moon and the stars,’ Mark proffers. This ‘will blur reality with reflection.’

4. Go geometric

To get that modern, futuristic look, it’s important to focus on geometric designs in your garden furniture ideas and landscaping ideas, say the experts. So, ‘opt for geometric shapes in your hardscaping, furniture, and plant layouts if you want to go down the horti-futurism path,’ Josh suggests. This is because ‘clean lines and symmetrical patterns give a modern, futuristic effect.’

5. Use sustainable materials and methods

Not only can certain technology choices enhance functionality and make gardening more sustainable, but using eco-friendly materials such as recycled or repurposed items really allows you to lean into the horti-futurism look. While natural elements and materials like glass can also be used to create a nice contrast in textures.

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