Home office colour schemes - the best colour combinations for a productive space

1. Go bold and yellow

Refreshing and light or warm and sunny, yellow will add a burst of colour to your home office walls whatever the tone.

'Yellow is the brightest shade on the visible spectrum, representing light and positivity. Opting for yellow walls can give a room a feeling of warmth and hope. In addition, yellow symbolises a sharp mind, intellect, and curiosity, which is why it is particularly well-suited for an office or reading room,' says Emily Simmon.

2. Be creative with coral

Uplifting and vibrant, coral offers a shot of dopamine to your working day and is a surefire way to give your home a mood-boosting makeover.

'Coral is a delightful blend of pink and orange tones that are warming and cosy. It’s ideal for a small, informal office area or a space to have catch-ups with colleagues or clients,' explains Paint & Interiors Specialist, Sarah Lloyd, at Valspar Paint.

3. Colour drenching

If bright hues are your life no matter what then colour drenching may be the ideal home office colour scheme for you. Choose one tone and use it on every surface to make a bold and beautiful workspace.

4. Play with blue

Of all the colours in the rainbow when it comes to home office colour schemes it has been proven that blue is the most successful for productivity in the home office.

5. Add luxury with damson

Most home office schemes that work are lighter and brighter shades that spark invigoration. But, as we head into autumn there is a paint trend that cannot be ignored. Warm and fruity, Damson has been named by John Lewis the colour of the season and they haven't left the home office out when it comes to their Damson room ideas.

6. Soften a scheme with pink

Thanks to the record-breaking Barbie movie, Barbiecore is dominating the colour scene right now in every room. From soothing petal pink to shocking fuchsia, pink will fire up your productivity in the home office whilst adding a personal touch.

7. Bring the outside in with green

Green is another calming colour that is often associated with nature – so is perfect for bringing the outside in. Melissa Denham, Interior Design Expert from Hammonds Furniture says: 'Green is the colour of nature and growth, colours like soft olives or sage tones can be a perfect choice for a home office.

8. Brighten up grey

Grey is a neutral colour that can be both calming and stimulating so is a good choice for home office backdrops that need to be both productive and creative.

9. Ground with earthy shades

Warm and inviting, the new neutrals are a favourable choice when you want to hunker down in the home office and it's cold outside. A cocooning shade of brown will only make you all the more thankful that there is no commute involved in order to get to work.

10. Keep it crisp with scandi white

An all-white home office can sometimes seem sterile and is a colour to avoid in a north facing room.

However, with the right shade of brightening white a few pops of colour injected via accessories will instantly transform a stark home office into a source of inspiration full of character. This method of decorating is Scandinavian formula that never fails.

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