Home influencers reveal the interiors trends you need to know - from maximalism to mixed metals

Eclectic Interiors

Chloe Lloyd says: "I think 'more is more' and eclectic style is becoming even more of a trend. People aren’t afraid anymore to have fun pieces in their home and experiment with their home."


Lydia Millen says: "Oh wow! There are so many, I'm embracing texture a lot more and focusing on natural textures. I envisage next season we will see a lot of jute, rattan and natural fibre furniture."


Lucy from At Lucy's House says: "Panelling and pink!... No one is content with plain plastered walls anymore, you can add so much texture and interest to a room by panelling the walls and its really easy to do yourself. Also the love affair with pink will continue thanks to grown up tones such as Sulking Room Pink by Farrow and Ball which are taking away the twee edge and making it a grown up colour of choice.

Seventies styling

Jen from The House That Jen Built says: "70’s inspired decor is definitely going to be big, earth tones, wood, statement lighting and macrame. Mustard is likely to feature heavily too which I'm glad about after ordering a mustard yellow Hendrik chair on a whim! Velvet sofas are here to stay too!"


Kate from Mad about the House says: "Maximalism is beginning to make a return and that will increase towards the end of the year as it's cosy and perfect for nesting in the colder weather. Warm colours and organic shapes are here along with lots of curves - think 1970s. Rattan is back and perfect for the summer."

Mixed Metals

Paula from Hill House Vintage says: "Definitely mixing metals. I am a huge fan of an evolved look that includes vintage and vintage inspired pieces. I like a house to look as though it has layers of history, so a mix of metals rather than a strict trend towards one type is music to my ears. It feels natural and authentic in a home that has changed over time. Copper, brass and muted gold are all warm, timeless and steeped in history. Personally, I would stay away from rose gold, which was very trend driven - although my daughter still loves it!"

Natural influences

Katie from Come Down to the Woods says: "Biophilic interiors. The concept of connecting our home environment to nature by bringing elements from the outside in. Think plants, natural materials light and patterns replicated from nature."

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