Saturated shades of green are best dosed, using them only as bright accents. And more delicate, pastel colors can be used more boldly, for example, as wall decoration or furniture upholstery.

Bed linen  Bed linen with a digital print “Leaves” made of high-density cotton fabric and a bedspread decorated with lace and stitching will cheer up the bedroom not only with color but also due to pleasant tactile sensations.

Candlestick and decanter To create a spring serving, use transparent glass objects in shades of the first green, for example, a candlestick for a warming candle and a decanter with barely noticeable glass bubbles.

Glasses Glasses from the Sommar collection made of tempered glass are suitable for both cooling and hot drinks

Table Laconic Stay table in lacquered steel. Design by Jonas Wagell. Books and magazines can be placed on a practical shelf under the tabletop. The item will look good next to the sofa in the living room or as a bedside table in the bedroom (45x40x40 cm).

Pitcher Basis jug made of glass for vitamin fresh juice, lemonade, or plain water. Volume – 1.5 liters.

Serving plate Asparagus serving plate in glazed ceramic shaped like a bunch of juicy asparagus

Cotton fabric Cotton fabric Lustro Jade from the Majolica collection is designed for sewing curtains, furniture upholstery, and decorative pillows. The pattern printed on the material recreates the texture of marble.

Hanging lamp Blossom pendant lamp made of aluminum with a lampshade in the shape of a flower bud from designer Hella Jongerius.

Aluminum dish The Lily Pad aluminum dish in the shape of a lily leaf can be used for serving sushi, various snacks, and mini desserts (43 cm in diameter).

Sofa Triple sofa Valentunna with storage compartments. The product consists of modules that can be arranged at your discretion, creating a new composition each time.