Happy colours for living rooms – avoid sad hues for a mood-boosting space

1. Trust your colour intuition

You know that feeling when you walk into a room and immediately feel at ease? That's the way we want our living room – the space where we hang out with family, cosy up for film night, or chat with our friends – to feel.

According to Michelle Ogundehin, design expert and host of Interior Design Masters,  we can take our cues from the spaces we love outside our home, and then try to recreate some of that magic in our own decor.

2. Pick calm colours for a tranquil vibe

For some of us, happy colours promote feelings of peace and serenity – they're the chilled-out antithesis of the bright and busy world outside our home. Louise Bradley is one interior designer who says she prefers calm colours for living rooms.

'I lean towards a colour palette that is calm, warm and neutral and use different textures and raw and natural materials to inject a feeling of serenity into the space,' she says.

3. Pick bright white to boost natural light

Natural light is one of the biggest mood boosters available, promoting feelings of wellbeing and happiness. For some of us, dark spaces can feel depressing, so colour choice is even more important.

Deeper, matt colours absorb light, making a space feel gloomier (or gloriously cosy, if the dark doesn't bother you). White and other light shades reflect light, making a space appear brighter – giving you a lift if you're someone who thrives in sunlit rooms.

4. Choose warm colours for a cosy vibe

If you're a snuggle-up-on-the-sofa kind of person, then cosy colours associated with comfort are likely to warm your heart – think shades of caramel, chocolate, toffee and mocha, with a touch or warm red and deep pink in the mix.

5. Use your compass as a colour guide

If a favourite colour doesn't work in your living room, it could be affected by the light coming in from outside. The direction a room faces changes the quality of light coming into the space, so it could mean that choosing a warmer or cooler tone of your favourite hue fixes the problem.

6. Get a happiness dose with dopamine brights

'If you’re someone who gets a bit of the winter blues, or you just love tonnes of colour, dopamine decorating is definitely one to try,' says Kelly Collins from Swyft. 'This approach is all about using colour, pattern, texture and accessories that make you feel happier in your space. It’s playful, joy-inducing stuff.'

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