Guest bedroom ideas – 20 ways to create a comfortable and welcoming space

1. Try An Elongated Headboard

Guest bedrooms are often small spaces that require clever design solutions. Adding an elongated headboard idea is a clever way to make bedrooms appear larger and feel more streamlined and contemporary. In this small guest room by TR Studio, an upholstered bespoke headboard brings color and luxurious texture but also creates a cozy backdrop for lounging on lazy mornings.

2. Add A Cozy Nook Bed

If you have a guest room which is narrow with low ceilings, why not make the most of the intimate space by creating a cozy nook bed? By fitting a double bed snuggly into the corner of this room Vanrenen GW Designs managed to free up valuable floor space making room for a large chest of drawers.

3. Decorate With Neutrals

Decorating with neutrals is a safe choice for guest bedrooms, as they are not overly masculine or feminine plus they are restful and they make the space more versatile.

4. Layer Lighting

It's important to layer different types of bedroom lighting to ensure there is light for every task and mood, from general overhead lighting to ambient wall lighting.  ‘A bedside table lamp is a must-have, but we also recommend an LED reading light too. These lights are great for couples sharing a bed as they allow one person to read while the other sleeps,’ says Louise Wicksteed, design director of Sims Hilditch.

5. Choose Tranquil Colors Inspired By Nature

There are no strict rules on what bedroom paint ideas are best for guest rooms, it's very much a matter of debate among interior designers, but the color will have an instant impact on the mood, so consider your choice carefully. 'For a room to be appealing to different people is good to avoid very strong bright colors as they can be overpowering. Also, very dark colors may not be the best choice if we want that room to feel welcoming and restful,' suggests Justyna Korczynska, senior designer at Crown.

6. Don't Forget Window Treatments

Getting a good night’s sleep is paramount in a guest bedroom, so think about investing in window treatments with blackout linings to block out the light. If you have an old home with drafty single-glazed windows or a large bay window, try teaming bedroom curtain ideas with blinds for extra insulation.

7. Express Yourself

There are different approaches to take when decorating a guest bedroom. While a paired-back scheme layered with soft colors and textures is guaranteed to create a restful feel, guest bedrooms can also be great spaces to showcase unique personal style and decorate with art.

8. Choose Fitted Carpet For Warmth Underfoot

When it comes to bedroom flooring ideas, fitted carpet is guaranteed to make guest bedrooms warm and welcoming. As well as offering a cozy surface for guests to sink their feet into, they help insulate heat and sound.

9. Add A Cozy Rug

If you're thinking of wood floor ideas for a bedroom, then adding in a sumptuous deep-pile bedroom rug will instantly make the space feel more cozy. In a large bedroom, placing a rug under the bed will help ground the space, bring essential texture and make a focal point of the bed, alternatively, in a small bedroom, try laying rugs either side of the bed.

10. Introduce A Seating Area

Socialising can be full on, so if space allows, 'try to include a small table and chair so guests feel at home and have a place to retreat to while staying with you,' says Clara Ewart, head of design at Kitesgrove. Alternatively, add a single comfy armchair in the corner – this can also be handy for laying clothes if you're short on wardrobe space.

11. Opt For A Day Bed In A Multi-Functional Room

A pull-out daybed is the perfect space-saving solution for guest bedrooms that also serve multifunctional spaces such as home offices or craft rooms. Offering a cozy seating space during the day, they can swiftly be pulled out into a bed at night and often contain handy concealed storage beneath.

12. Ensure Guests' Comfort Is A Priority

We all want to sleep better, but as a guest, not getting enough good quality sleep is a worry, whether that be an unfamiliar mattress or an over-heated room. So, work to ensure that not only the bed is comfortable, but that the entire space is sleep-inducing.

13. Ensure The Guest Room Is Squeaky Clean

'Whether your door has stayed closed, the children have been den making, or it’s become a glorified laundry room, your guest room will need a good clean and sort out,' says Jo James, founder of Bedfolk.

14. Invest In New Bedding

'Reward your cleaning efforts with some luxurious bed sheets that will wrap visitors in comfort and calm,' explains Jo James. 'No one enjoys sleeping on scratchy or worn-out sheets that have been on the main bed for 10 years before being relegated to the guest room. An added bonus to perfect bedding is that your guests may feel so comfortable that they miss breakfast – extra sleep for you!

15. Layer Up For Coziness

Knowing how to style a bed with beautiful cushions and covers isn't just about aesthetics, but practicalities, too. Not everyone sleeps at the same temperature during the night. Cater to everyone’s needs and make your guest bedroom extra comfortable and easily personalized by layering the bed with blankets, throws, and pillows. Guests can then tailor the bed to their liking and personal comfort.

16. Use The Right Lighting In A Guest Room

Good lighting is just as important in a guest bedroom as it is in a master bedroom. When it comes to decorating a guest bedroom, smart bedroom lighting ideas should not be an afterthought. ‘Bedrooms are all about creating atmosphere and mood lighting plays a key role,’ says interior designer Nicky Dobree.

17. Make Your Guests Feel Welcome

To ensure your guests feel welcome on arrival, light a candle or use a diffuser, leave out clean towels and a few toiletries, or add a vase of fresh flowers, as shown in the Bohemian bedroom idea above. ‘You’re creating a hotel feel, which is always a lovely treat,’ says hotelier Julia Hands. ‘Make sure there’s a plug point for chargers and hairdryers too.’

18. Give Your Guest Bedroom A Dual-Purpose

‘Spare rooms can often become a dumping ground,’ says Nicky. ‘Try not to let that happen by having good storage.’ Look to clever bedroom storage ideas and solutions, such as under-bed boxes, wall-hung cabinets, baskets, and even hooks. These are all great ways of containing clutter.

19. Choose A Mattress To Suit Different People

Finding the best mattress to suit all comers is vital to ensuring your guest bedroom is comfortable. ‘The bed is the most important item,’ says Nicky, ‘so it needs to have a good mattress. Choose one that is medium-firm, enabling guests to sleep comfortably in most positions. There is nothing worse than sleeping on a mattress that feels as if it has been slept on by many others.’

20. Establish The Bathroom Sharing Etiquette

Not all guest bedrooms have ensuites, but you can make your guests feel comfortable by putting clean towels in their rooms and making it clear when they are welcome to use the bathroom. ‘Establish a schedule of who likes to shower in the morning or have a bath at night,’ explains Nicky, ‘and everyone should leave the bathroom clean when they’re finished.’

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