Green shades in the interior: 25 examples from designers

Green is the closest color to nature, for the same reason it is increasingly appearing in the spaces of urban apartments. But be prepared: it tends to “grow” throughout the interior. In confirmation of this, we show 25 photos of design projects in green shades.

Living room Architect Elizaveta Medvedeva dressed the 50-meter apartment in a rich color scheme: so the space seems more spacious. The main color here is green – doors, kitchen facades, walls, baseboards, and even radiators are painted in it. And high doorways, curtains from the ceiling itself, and cornices in the tone of the walls add volume and solemnity.

Kitchen and dining room When decorating a kitchen in green tones, there are two main ways: to make the walls green or to choose a set with green facades. As we said above, Maria Nechaeva chose the second option. The green set is supported by variegated ceramic tiles, which the owners managed to buy before the start of the project. “It’s not in my style at all, but I wanted to apply it in some unusual way, so the part went to the apron, and part to the decoration of the facade of the kitchen island,” says the designer.

Bedroom For the bedroom, designers often choose deep blue-green shades that imitate the forest twilight – what you need for a restful sleep. So did Marina Kutuzova in the project for photographers Sergey Ananyev, and Anna Erman

Workplace How effectively the green shade helps to focus on work is a controversial issue, but the fact that the space around pleases the eye is already inspiring. To do this, designer Pavel Kulakov consistently discussed items according to the author’s drawings with the customer and “tried on” them not only in shape and color, but also in texture. So, the cabinet in the office, for example, is made specifically for the emerald color of plaster, but with a semi-glossy surface.

Bathroom Anastasia Stenberg’s customers are lucky: they have a window in the bathroom that is rare for city apartments. Therefore, due to the combination of the rich green color of the room with orange details, it seems that sunlight always falls through it.

Antechamber The hallway, like any other room, green also did not bypass. Here, again, the main thing is to choose a shade for yourself. For example, in the project of Julia Telnova, green appeared after the customer in one of the conversations admitted that the hallway in the house of his parents is green, so this color is associated with something good and native.

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