Graham & Brown's Color of the Year might be one of our favorites for 2024

Our list of Colors of the Year for 2024 is growing ever longer – but with so much variety out there when it comes to choosing paint, it's a great way to narrow down a paint color that actually speaks to you. The latest release is from paint brand Graham & Brown, whose take on the color trends of 2024 sees a paint shade we've seen growing ever more popular in recent years – a muted, yet surprisingly verdant shade of green. Ready to meet the new contender for your next decorating scheme?


Graham & Brown has launched a Wallpaper and a Color of the Year again simultaneously. Its wallpaper offering is a forest-inspired tableau called 'New Eden', and its Color of the Year is 'Viridis', a muted green that acts as a near-neutral accompaniment to this striking wallpaper pattern.

So why this shade? 'We began looking into color psychology and the hues that bring calm and peace,' says Graham & Brown's head of design, Maryanne Cartwright. 'Viridis is a soothing mid-green hue that reflects harmony and stability, enabling those in its vicinity to relax and revitalize. [It's] the color of growth and health, mirroring nature and expressing renewal and life. It evokes a feeling of abundance and a plentiful environment whilst simultaneously providing a restful and secure feeling. We see our homes as a haven, a place to spend time with family and friends, and this is the perfect hue to create a welcoming color palette.'

Muted, sage greens have become a go-to color trend in recent years, especially for minimalists looking for something a little more dramatic than white walls. 'These colors are mixed with grey,' says interior designer Jen Talbot, 'and it's a combining tone that brings a color like green into the updated neutral zone.' For those seeking something a little bit outside of the box, this type of green has undoubtedly become an easy-to-use neutral for your color toolbox. 'Ultimately this marriage creates a more neutral base and calming effects to the space it's applied to,' Jen agrees. Graham & Brown's offering has a touch more warmth to it than some other sage green paints, following wider trends in neutrals to warmer, more yellow-toned hues. It makes it feel a little more saturated, and a little more energetic and happy.

Viridis Matt Emulsion


Like a lot of neutrals right now, the most on-trend approach to decorating with a color like Viridis is "color drenching". This means, painting it across all your walls, trim and even your ceiling, for an all-over, blanketed look. It's a style that works for all kinds of interior design trends, whether you're more minimalist, maximalist or somewhere in between. And what about colors that go with sage green? Other "warm neutrals" like taupe, beige and even rust are great partners for a modern scheme, or you could simplify your look and opt for a tonal color scheme. '[This] green is a beautiful muted green tone that can be versatile and visually interesting in just about any space,' says Megan Dufresne, Principal Designer at MC Design. 'I will sometimes mix it with other green hues to create an expertly layered effect. In this way the sage tone creates the perfect backdrop, without becoming overpowering.'

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