Glass partitions: 7 design ideas

Glass partitions are a new fashion trend in interior design. And if earlier glass partitions for space zoning were used only in representative offices, now this detail is chosen by designers all over the world. In our selection of 7 ideas on how to use this trendy object in a residential interior.

Partitions for the WOW effect Of course, a glass partition can solve many functional problems, but sometimes a glass structure between 2 zones, for example, a kitchen and a living room, is just a design move that gives the space a modern and luxurious look.

Solution for layouts with insufficient windows A glass partition is a great opportunity to make a separate bedroom in a fairly spacious studio apartment or re-plan an apartment with narrow rooms. With the help of a glass partition, a separate, illuminated space is created, which visually preserves the room’s spaciousness. It remains only to add thick curtains that completely isolate the bedroom at night.

Kitchen in the room This technique is very convenient for those who want to save the space of the kitchen-living room, but still separate these two zones. The convenience of this example of installing glass structures is that visually the area remains unified, and smells and noise remain in a small transparent volume.

Single space of hallway and living room Another way to preserve the volume and spaciousness of the room is to combine the hallway or hall with the living room. The glass partition in this case will protect the cozy living room from cold air currents, street dust, and moisture while filling the hallway area with light and preserving the feeling of a large space.

Home office solution Another way to use glass walls in the interior is to organize a home office. As a rule, a home office is a small space, so glass walls will make it visually larger. And if there is no window in the office, then such a technique will allow daylight to pass into the room.

Dressing room behind glass Another idea for using glass walls in the interior is the organization of a dressing room, separated from the bedroom by glass walls. Thanks to the use of glass in this case, natural light enters the dressing room, the bedroom seems more spacious, and the dressing room can become an interior accent of the bedroom, of course, if suitable storage systems are installed in it to keep order.

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