Garage right in the kitchen: in Japan is a unique house in the form of a tent for a car lover

The garage is located on the ground floor and is adjacent to the common rooms: kitchen, living room, and dining room. In Japan, they built a unique house-garage in the form of a tent for a client who loves cars. The project of house was developed by the architectural studio CUBO Design Architect.

As already mentioned, the customer is a big fan of his cars. Therefore, an ordinary house with a separate garage did not suit him, instead, he wanted to live right next to cars. To do this, the architects decided to make a round-shaped dwelling (like a tent). This form is more multifunctional, and it is easier to adapt it for the harmonious neighborhood of cars and the owner.

Natural wood and steel were used for construction. The architects combined modern methods of work with Japanese traditional ones, the source specifies. On the ground floor, common areas (living room, kitchen with dining room) are adjacent to the garage for two cars. Thanks to this, the owner will be as close as possible to his cars.

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