Games room ideas – 10 ways to turn a spare room into an interactive space

1. Install A Wall Or Mirrors To Visually Double The Size

One of the easiest ways to make a room look bigger, decorating with mirrors in a games room can have a significant impact on the appearance of the space.

2. Zone A Games Area With A Rug

Rugs are an interior design tour de force; they can do wonders for just about any room in the home. Along with natural flooring and carpet, rugs boast many useful practical attributes. It’s an excellent insulator, cutting down on draughts and thus reducing heating bills.

3. Add Texture With Wood Cladding

While wall paneling ideas are often associated with period homes or traditional interiors, they are actually a really useful decor element for layering and adding texture to contemporary games rooms too. 'One of our favorite ways to make a home look expensive, wall paneling instantly elevates and can be used in every room of the home, adding depth and interest to the space,' says Samantha Todhunter, founder of Samantha Todhunter Design.

4. Work With Existing Architectural Details

Work within the proportions of your room to create a games room that won't cramp on the style of the home or its residents. Here, a shuffleboard, with its narrow and slimline design fits nearly under the eaves in this contemporary loft room. The rest of the space has been decorated using a neutral color scheme and minimalist furniture choices to make the most of the impressive vista beyond.

5. Curate A Contemporary Space That Has Entertainment At Its Core

'Not all game rooms should be reminiscent of old gentlemen's clubs, in fact, a modern and simple design will ensure that clutter and chaos are distant thoughts,' says Amy Leferink, owner and principal designer at Interior Impressions. Here, the pool table takes center stage will the empty space means you can move the party down to the basement at a moment's notice.

6. Create A Cozy Gaming Nook

'Elevate your game with a luxury chess set and a cozy vignette for two,' says Malka Helft, founder of Think Chic Interiors. 'This space takes advantage of the bright light from the window while mixing pattern and texture to get your brain sharp and engaged for a riveting game of chess.'

7. Combine A Home Bar With An Entertainment Space

'A games room with a bar is the ultimate adult play space with something for everyone,' says Mark Sylvester, Icon Architects. A dedicated drinks area complete with a cocktail bar-inspired island is the last word in luxury when entertaining. It gives you the opportunity to have fun with it and be a little whimsical, contrasting the sharp sophistication of the bar with the simple joy of the ping-pong table.

8. Source Vintage Finds

'Designed around a wooden Victorian-style billiards table and a custom, vintage wooden bench repurposed from an old train station, the design firm reinvented the notion of a traditional seating area,' says Susan Hayward, principal at Susan Hayward Design.

9. Invest In A Simulator For The Ultimate Experience

'A golf simulator is a must-add to today's game rooms, especially for the avid athlete,' says Julie Ann Witt, owner and principal designer at Julian Design. 'We love how engaging a room like this can be for teens and adults alike and it doesn't require a ton of extra room knowing that the screen is flat. It's a great addition to a smaller game room space,'

10. Give The Pool Table Pride Of Place

'If the pool table is the family favorite it can be combined successfully with an existing scheme. Here, although it gets the center space, there's ample room by the bay window for a cozy living room area. Lighting is key, make a feature of it by choosing a multiple-armed light that covers the whole pool table.

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