Gallery of horrors: 24 deplorable decor mistakes!

1. Too Much Red

2. When Imagination Goes Too Far

3. Don't Overuse

4. Stuck In Another Era

5. Straight From A Movie Set

6. A Colour That Just Won't Work

7. Making It Too Complicated

8. Decorating Like A Hospital

9. Sleeping At Circus School

10. Down The Rabbit Hole

11. Mellow Yellow Kitchen

12. If In Doubt, Don't!

13. A Licorice Bedroom

14. A Failed Garden Experiment

15. Over-excited DIY Skills

16. Bad Taste Bachelor's Pad

17. A Room For A Television

18. Home Kill

19. Living Room… Or Death Room?

20. When Practicality Isn't A Priority

21. A Mix Of Mistakes

22. Must Try Harder

23. Tacky Tribal Tattoo

24. The Elephant In The Room

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