Trends 2023: comfortable sleep conditions

Lana is a limited edition bed from Vispring. It was created to provide high-quality, healthy sleep, as well as to become a visual dominant of the bedroom interior.

The key to good health is quality sleep, and the primary condition for comfortable sleep is a good mattress. This is a specialty of Vispring, a 120-year-old UK-based factory whose founder, engineer James Marshall, patented the box spring mattress.

Today, the brand’s collections are addressed not only to connoisseurs of healthy sleep and natural materials, but also to design lovers: mattresses are responsible for optimal body support during sleep, and beds delight the eye. According to this principle, the Lana collection was created.

The handmade bed features a headboard with three horizontal padded panels and unusual wavy edges. Brass-look metal legs are bright accents. Sleep well with a hand-padded mattress containing 1638 springs and filled with an exclusive blend of highly shaped Exmoor Horn wool and Tencel™ natural fibers. This combination guarantees excellent support for the entire body during sleep, which means a quality night’s rest.

Exmoor horn wool is provided specifically for Vispring, using which the brand supports 180 English sheep breeders who continue the work of preserving one of the most ancient breeds of sheep in England.

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