Furniture trends 2023 – the latest designs set to take center stage

1. Soft And Inviting Curves

With the emphasis today on the home as an inviting family space, used for socializing and relaxing, regimented rows, straight lines and clinical design can look a little stark and cold.

2. Biophilic Design

The growing focus in design on products made from wood, wool, stone and ceramics is not just to do with a revival of interest in craft; in a world increasingly dominated by synthetic materials and virtual reality, natural materials add a grounding, natural and human dimension to our environment, helping us feel more calm and happy.

3. Sustainable Materials

As many of us are looking into how we can do our bit for the environment, from changing the way we shop and consume across all industries from food, fashion and travel, developing long-lasting and sustainable furniture is more important than ever.

4. 70s Influences

The retro style of the 70s has been huge across interior and fashion industries in 2022, and this nostalgic nod to styles and trends of the past is set to continue into 2023.

5. Vintage And Thrifted Finds

With many of us wanting to approach life in a more sustainable way, it is unsurprising that vintage, pre-loved furniture is having a welcome resurgence.

6. Statement Stone

Beautiful and luxurious natural stones such as marble and granite will always prove timeless in interior design, but 2023 will see these enduring and durable materials become more even-more present in the home, and not just reserved for kitchens and bathrooms.

7. Carefully Considered Pieces

Working in unison with other furniture trends such as the use of sustainable materials and pre-loved purchases, 2023 will see many of us carefully considering every piece of furniture in our home, establishing a more 'collected' and individual look.

8. Silver, Chrome And Steel

Integrating metallic touches into the home is a timeless interior design trend and long-standing focus of industrial decor, but are we moving away from the ever-popular brass, bronze and rose gold metallic finishes? Designers seem to think so.

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