Furniture arranging mistakes – 8 negative layouts that are ruining your space

1. Pushing Furniture Against The Wall

If your room is looking a little cavernous, then it could be because you have all the furniture pushed up against the wall. If that sounds familiar, this common furniture arrangement mistake could be disrupting the overall aesthetic and flow of the room.

2. Not Creating Conversation Areas

When arranging family room furniture and living room furniture, keep in mind that sofas and chairs should face each other where possible. In large spaces, this may seem too tricky to master, but remember that you can always create many smaller conversation areas in one room.

3. Ignoring Good Traffic Flows

Optimum traffic flow in a room with allows residents and guests to move around freely and easily, avoiding any unnecessary obstacles for a seamless transition. Draw on its principles of Feng Shui furniture placement to design the space around a sofa, and improvements in the quality of life are promised.

4. Creating Too Many Focal Points

A focal point or 'decorating point' in a room is important, not only does having one help to anchor a room, but it also serves as an area to decorate around, but get carried away and you could end up ruining the entire look.

5. Blocking Light From Windows

Natural light is key in any room, especially if you wish to feel happier at home, and when it comes to windows, the more the merrier. Here at M, we always advise people to keep furniture away from windows to avoid the risk of making an already small room feel claustrophobic or dingy.

6. Putting Style Over Practicality

While we may wish to admire the homes we see in our favorite glossy magazines, sometimes they are not always practical to our day-to-day living. After all, interior design, like art, is entirely subjective. The whole purpose of interior design is to create a room or rooms, which answer the needs of the individuals living in them whilst reflecting their personalities with good design, space, and functionality.

7. Overdoing Storage

Our homes take on a myriad of guises, therefore good storage ideas are essential, but if do it wrong your space will look more like a storage unit than a home. Well-planned fittings are transformative, so plan accordingly. Before you buy any furniture, ask yourself how you will use this room. The main purpose of the room will determine the furniture and storage you need – the way the room functions really is as important as how it looks, so you can fully enjoy your home.

8. Not Scaling Furniture According To Room Size

Scale in interior design is vital, so work with your room's proportions to get a good furniture balance. Generally speaking, bigger rooms can take larger pieces of furniture, and smaller rooms benefit from more petite, delicate pieces, so scale your furniture according to your space.

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