French door ideas – 15 stylish designs to connect indoors with out

1. Add Space Without Extending

If you like to entertain or are hoping to expand the size of your home, then installing French doors can help you to transform the garden into an outdoor living space. This provides the benefits of extending at a fraction of the cost. When installing patio doors, you also need to consider the access point and whether you want to add a step or want a seamless link between outdoors and in.

2. Use French Doors To Brighten Your Home

French door ideas are one of the best ways to increase natural light. Perfect for tackling a dark kitchen or living room, French doors increase the amount of glazing and as such will brighten the space, especially when paired with other lightening measures like white walls.

3. Choose French Doors To Open Up Small Spaces

Since French doors are only the width of two standard doors, they are the ideal option for smaller spaces or for interiors where large areas of glazing would look out of place. Opt for a traditional style for a modest look or add texture and color to your interiors with a more industrial-inspired design.

4. Think About The Interiors As Well As Exterior

Appearance plays a highly significant role when it comes to French doors ideas After all, they change the fabric of your home and as such must look the part. It is likely that your focus will be on the external appearance – however, it is equally, if not more, essential to give due consideration to their internal look and placement. After all, your French doors must complement your garden ideas and decorating ideas simultaneously.

5. Consider Materials That Offer Longevity

When adding anything new to the home, you want to know that it will last. Therefore, when it comes to French door ideas, materials are an essential consideration. The main options are timber and metal. Metal, typically aluminum will provide a lightweight and durable choice however, its more modern aesthetic means they won’t suit every interior.

6. Add To A Second Story For A Romantic Touch

French doors ideas are not limited to the ground floor, they can have a transformative effect when added to second or even third stories and paired with Juliet balconies.

7. Choose Classic French Doors For A Traditional Scheme

In a traditional setting, such as in traditional living room ideas, there could be no better access to the exterior than French doors. Make the most of alcoves, framed with curtains to give the new addition a classic look and provide a seamless flow between outdoors and in.

8. Steel To Bring An Industrial Edge

Dating back to the 1880s, Crittall steel windows and doors were first developed by English ironmonger Francis Henry Crittall. Fast forward to this century and the brand is still going strong, helped in part by people's love of heritage designs and of all things industrial.

9. Brighten A Dark Room

Choosing simple white-painted timber framed French doors allows light to flood into a north-facing room, making the most of the little daylight the space would normally receive. The large panels of glass also ensure a clear view out into the backyard.

10. Add Instant Access To A Terrace

If your bedroom ideas adjoin a terrace area – whether on the ground floor or on a higher story – pair with French door ideas to provide access to the outdoors. Not only will this create valuable extra space, but it will also help to make your bedroom relaxing.

11. Go For Double Height Doors

Instead of installing smaller doors with glazed surrounds, consider double-height doors for a striking finish. As well as filling the space with daylight, the larger the opening when the doors are ajar, the easier it is for fresh air to circulate while enjoying wide open views outdoors. French doors – especially when installed as part of kitchen ideas – are a great way to make a home look expensive.

12. Soften The Look With An Arched Door

Prefer a traditional feel? Arched doors, with their obvious feminine appeal, can lend a more delicate edge to a scheme. Painted white, these timber doors keep the look light and bright.

13. Team With Plenty Of Adjacent Glazing

'French doors look great with fixed panels of glazing either side or above,' advises Matt Higgs, Director and co-owner of Kloeber. 'This is often a great alternative for a large space that sometimes becomes more cost-effective than a sliding or bi-folding door.'

14. Choose Them For Unusual Spaces

In the case of unusually shaped openings, like this project by Kloeber, these aluminum French doors fit the pitched opening perfectly, while allowing surrounding panels of glass to encourage more light into the space.

15. Opt For Wide Width Doors

This project by HollandGreen used glazing systems by IQ Glass helped achieve the homeowner's much-wanted connection to their outdoor living space. The doors are echoed by similar glazing at the front of the property. In warmer weather, these can be opened wide to enjoy the views into the garden.

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