Flooring color trends 2023 – What’s in and what’s out

Like all home decor elements, flooring color trends come and go. If you’re planning a remodel or building a home, that gives you a lot to consider. Should you pay attention to trends or go for something timeless? Is there a flooring color that’ll instantly make a house look dated? Any hot trends now that will be out of style in a few years?

Pale pine and bleached oak

Very pale, light-colored wood floors have been in style for a couple of years now and aren’t going anywhere. Think: colors you may find in a Scandinavian-style home.

Deep, espresso-colored floors

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll find deep, espresso-colored floors, that read almost black. This flooring color trend isn’t quite as popular with the masses as pale tones, but it’s still a popular choice for those whose style leans more classic, as well as with interior designers.

Mid-toned brown hardwood floors

As more and more people turn toward timeless, traditional design (a la the grandmillennial or maximalist looks), classic, mid-toned brown floors are a big trend.

What hardwood flooring colors are not in style?

Generally, the only hardwood floor colors that aren’t really in style are the yellow or orange-toned oaks (Though pale amber colored floors are also classic), as well as gray hardwood floors.

Tile color trends

Tile color trends are similar to hardwood flooring in that there are a lot of enduring classics. Marble mosaics and porcelain penny, basketweave or hexagon tile is timeless and always stylish.

Carpet color trends

Carpet trends are skewing in a similar direction as wall colors right now: instead of grays and cool-tones, warmer shades of pale beige are coming back in style. To be fair, pale beige carpet has almost always been the default color.

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