Flooring: black or white? 21 solutions from designers

Black and white – these two colors are often used by designers. They make the interior look modern. Black floors are coming back into fashion. Is there a chance for its main competitors – a floor of bleached oak, glossy self-leveling floor, marble, porcelain stoneware, or painted white boards?

White Floors

Pros: The white floor makes the room bigger, lighter, and fresher. Decorator Olga Nikulina says: “A couple of years ago I painted my old parquet, and applied white paint for the floor in two layers. There was just a miracle – air appeared in the apartment, spaciousness. Now there are scratches on the parquet, but such squalor does not bother me – it is decorative in its own way. “

Cons: “If I did the repairs again, I would never put white porcelain stoneware in the kitchen. It is very beautiful, but it has to be washed every day, “Maria Mikhailova shares her experience. Yes, beauty requires care. Fortunately, wooden flooring is easier. Caring for white-painted boards or parquet, according to experimenters, is no more difficult than for ordinary ones.

Black Floors Pros: A black floor always looks stylish and impressive. Even in the cheapest version, even in laminate – provided that you make the walls white. Well, the glossy black floor, reflecting objects, visually stretches the room vertically. Advice from decorator Varvara Zelenetskaya: “If you can’t put the old parquet in order properly, tone it black. The parquet will be transformed, but the texture of the wood will remain.”

Cons: On black, dust is very noticeable – much more than on white (which is well-known to owners of black cars). This applies primarily to tile coatings. To reduce the risk, you can choose a material with a slight speck, as, for example, in the photo on the right. Or with unclear divorces. Or with an uneven, textured surface. Although it is a pity to refuse the fashionable “mirror” gloss …

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