Five garden plants that need pruning now for ‘more blooms’ and ‘healthier growth’

1. Fruit trees

During this month, gardeners may have started to notice that their fruit trees are starting to look a little “untamed”.

Bryan claimed that the “secret” to fix this is to prune them “early September” before the first frost hits.

He advised: “Remove any dead wood and thin out crowded branches to allow better air circulation and light penetration.”

2. Rose bushes

For gardeners to keep their rose bushes “blooming beautifully”, the expert claimed that these plants need pruning now. Bryan said: “September is a great time to give them a light pruning. Snip off any dead or faded blooms about a quarter-inch above a five-leaflet leaf.

“This helps channel energy into new growth and will prepare the plant for winter.”

3. Hydrangeas

It can be incredibly frustrating when hydrangeas just don’t seem to bloom as well as expected. When pruning hydrangeas, the expert warned that gardeners need to “be careful” with them. Bryan urged: “Only prune the ones that bloom on new wood, like the panicle and smooth hydrangeas. Cut back the spent blooms and about one-third of the height.”

4. Summer-flowering shrubs

Summer-flowering shrubs like spirea need to be pruned this month. Pruning these types of plants means “more blooms next year”.

After they're done flowering, give them a good trim to “shape them up and encourage new and healthier growth”.

5. Perennial herbs

Gardeners should begin to prune perennial herbs like sage and rosemary this month to encourage new growth. Pruning these plants in early autumn can actually “stimulate a burst of new growth” that will “last until the first frost”. Bryan instructed: “Clip back about a third of the branches, but avoid cutting into the woody parts of the plant.”

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