A modern fireplace can be equipped in a small house and even in a city apartment, and the choice is so wide that it is difficult to navigate. We understand together with experts the features of choosing and installing a fireplace, as well as its influence on the interior.

Fireplace in the house: types

A fireplace can be fundamental or portable. Modern options for fireplaces are very diverse: in addition to the classic wood-burning, you can install an electric one that runs on gas or bioethanol. The choice also depends on the area of the room and the finishing materials used.

Wood burning fireplace

Resistant brick fireplaces are the standard original option. They are fired with wood. Such a fireplace can be open or closed, but always with strong walls and a chimney.

Gas fireplace

The installation of a fireplace with flame adjustment must be coordinated with the gas service. The design can be connected both to the central system and to gas cylinders – they will have to be systematically refilled.

Electric fireplace

An electric fireplace with a backlight is connected to a power outlet, it consumes electricity and does not heat the room too well, but it works silently, does not smoke, and does not require cleaning, and a ventilation shaft.

Bio fireplace

A great option for those who are not ready to spend resources on serious repairs and building hoods. Stationary bio fireplaces do not produce soot; it is made of stainless steel, and the main consumable is alcohol for fire.

BBQ Fireplace

The structure is installed on a solid foundation, most often in courtyards and on terraces. But a large kitchen of a country house can also be supplemented with a barbecue grill. Manufacturers offer models equipped with an additional grill function.

Fireplace with boiler

Metal structure with water circuit. It is valued for its practical properties: such a fireplace heats the house well.

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