Finally! H&M Home's furniture is brilliant and inexpensive, and they're now selling it in the US, too

Wooden Folding Chair

Price: $171

Cane furniture is still going strong as we enter 2024, plus we love the simple silhouette of this Mid-Century Modern chair. A staple from the OG collection, this functional piece of furniture folds easily to save space, has an adjustable back for added comfort, and features dark beech wood that's bang on trend.

Children’s Wall Shelf

Price: $67

Kids' rooms should be fun, playful, and full of personality, and this groovy wall shelf offers all of the above. The wavy metal bracket comes in red or blue, bringing a pop of bright color to the room, and the three shelves of various depths offer ample space for storage.

Rattan Nightstand

Price: $221

We love the organic modern feel of some reeded detail. Paired with the rounded edges of this dark rattan nightstand, this statement side table helps to bring a sense of natural flow to your space. The spacious shelf underneath also offers easy access to all your nighttime essentials.

Mango Wood Coffee Table

Price: $491

Keeping on brand with the organic modern vibe, this wonderful curved coffee table made of waxed mango wood tells a similar story to the nightstand above. The asymmetric shape has a contemporary feel but the dark wood harks back to a more retro decade, culminating in an overall timeless quality.

Beige Pedestal

Price: $81.99

Pedestals are having a serious moment right now. Whether topped with a potted houseplant, a ceramic jug full of blossom, or a statement vase that does all the talking, they have the power to totally transform a room. If your room lacks light, add a lamp to yours and lighten a dull corner.

Small Side Table

Price: $26.99

Available in five shades, this small side table adds a pop of color and a hint of modernity to any space. The painted metal is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and the round top has a low rim to prevent knocks. It's the perfect place to set down a book and a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine, if you're so inclined...)

Plush Stool

Price: $149

Curves and minimalism go hand-in-hand with this stool, but that doesn't mean attention to detail is sacrificed. The soft plush fabric meets walnut-colored wood at the feet for a subtle accent. Combined with the neutral tone, it's a beautiful addition to any pared-back space.

Metal Nested Tables

Price: $241

For the ultimate contrast, these steely black nesting tables offer clean lines and sharp edges with their metal frames. They're the perfect example of where form meets function - use each table separately or store the smaller table under the larger one to save space, pulling it out as needed.

Sliding-door End Table

Price: $261

Organic curves meet clean lines with this end table. Blonde woods have a fresh, modern feel and the fluted pine of the sliding doors offer just that. Alongside the lacquered ash veneer tabletop and the cool, black metal legs, it's a match made in heaven.

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