Feng Shui principles and Frenchic paint transformed this kitchen into a luxury space

'We wanted to create a luxury kitchen without the price tag,' says Chantell, 'and we managed to keep within our budget by looking at ways to repurpose what we already had and shopping around for the best deals for anything new that we needed to buy.'



If you're after some green kitchen ideas, then look no further. Chantell's original cabinetry was repainted using two Frenchic paints to create the exact shade she was after. 'I mixed my own colour by using Constance Moss and Blackjack al fresco paint, which is suitable for outdoor projects too,' she says. 'It's hardwearing and durable, and I use it a lot in my furniture painting.'

The new island unit was made by repurposing drawers that were originally in the centre of the old kitchen. 'We wanted a range cooker and our cooker hood had broken, so we replaced that with an extractor that we built a chimney breast around,' says Chantell.

Fluting has been added to the island and the cabinets – an addition by CNC Creations. 'I've always wanted a larder-type cabinet, but when we created this one we struggled to find the same style doors as the original kitchen, which was why we added the fluting,' Chantell explains. 'It adds texture to the space.'

Another key feature is the reeded glass splashback, which protects the walls from any food splashes while adding a modern touch to the design. 'It's one of my favourite additions,' says Chantell, 'and we bought it from Rough Old Glass.'

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