Fashionable living room interior: 9 bright trends of 2024

1. Furniture made from natural materials

One of the main global trends is the desire to get as close to nature as possible within the framework of an apartment. Therefore, designers bring as many relevant elements to the interiors as possible: from living plants to biophilic decor and the appropriate color scheme.

2. Modular sofas

Modular sofas are one of the brightest trends that will definitely not lose ground in the near future.

3. Round shapes

Now people in general are spending more time at home (also due to working from home), and this will affect the perception of the interior of the living room in 2024.

The focus is confidently shifting to creating the most cozy and comfortable atmosphere, which means that all shapes and silhouettes will soften.

4. No TV

If earlier psychologists and designers “kicked out” TVs from the bedroom, now the living room is increasingly left without them.

5. Different chairs

Previously, a soft group was decorated according to a clear rule: a sofa, two armchairs from one set on the sides, and a coffee table in the middle.

6. Art objects in the interior of the living room

Interiors with character are in fashion. The environment should reflect the interests of the owners, their preferences, lifestyle and experience. Therefore, in any design, even if it was created by a professional, it is important to add a piece of yourself. It is not necessary to purchase an expensive piece of art straight from the gallery.

7. Enveloping Palette

Now the trend is not just calm natural shades, but the so-called palette-cocoon.

8. Bright sofa

Another way to place accents, which is gaining more and more popularity, involves the opposite of the previous paragraph.

Against the backdrop of a restrained palette and neutral finishes, there is a bright spot of color, the role of which is played by the sofa.

9. Lamps as decor

In 2024, in the interior design of living rooms, as in the photo below, lighting will play not only a utilitarian, but also a decorative role.

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