Farmhouse Christmas decor ideas – 19 rustic trends for a cozy Christmas

1. Elevate A Kitchen-Diner For Christmas

Even if you prefer a more casual Christmas, with lunch eaten in the kitchen, you'll want a table that's dressed for the occasion and tempts your guests to linger long after the feast is eaten.

2. Curate A Festive Welcome

Dressing up the front of the house and adding a festive touch with Christmas porch decor is a seasonal tradition, but don't forget what lies just beyond the door. Your Christmas hallway ideas can start in the entryway, providing an immediate welcome to your home.

3. Dress Your Island For The Festivities

Chances are, your farmhouse kitchen will be busier than ever during the holidays – so don't forget to dress it for the occasion. Even a smaller room can be styled with a festive display that won't interfere with valuable prep and cooking space.

4. Add Typography For A Personalized Touch

Bring a festive message to your farmhouse Christmas decor ideas with a greeting, good wishes, or simply a personalized name sign, in a handwriting font. You could draw this yourself and fill it in with paint, or take the simpler option of putting up a customized decal.

5. Hang Christmas Circlets At Your Windows

If you love the idea of a wreath in the window but don't want to obscure the view, a festive circlet is a pared-down alternative.

6. Dress Up Your Kitchen Shelves

Open storage and kitchen shelving ideas are simple to decorate – you simply need to add a seasonal flavor to your vignettes when styling a shelf. 'Hanging groups of baubles from shelves and utensil racks is a quick and easy idea to add some Christmas charm to your kitchen,' agrees Rebecca Nokes, Head of design & brand creative at John Lewis of Hungerford. Here, the brand's Pure Kitchen is trimmed simply with festive bunting and paper honeycomb decorations.

7. Trim Your Tree With Heirloom Baubles

Farmhouse style is imbued with a love of family and a sense of place, and at Christmas, the tree is the centerpiece. For your Christmas tree ideas, always mix heritage pieces with new finds and on-trend trimmings.

8. Aim For A Softer Festive Palette

We're used to red and green as the predominant festive colorways. And even if a room is neutral, traditional trimmings will tend to be bright and bold. But you don't have to opt-out of your own personal aesthetic to fit a festive moodboard.

'A farmhouse palette tends to be softer and more neutral – if there are colors, they are muted pastels, gentle olives, and cool blues,' says Lucy

9. Don't Forget To Decorate Your Front Door

'Christmas porch decor ideas have no limits but we like to keep it pretty simple with the overall look,' says Jennifer Walter, owner and principal designer for Folding Chair Design Co. 'A garland around the door is a classic and timeless touch. Bulk up the garland so it doesn't feel skimpy.  We love a thick, lush garland framing a painted front door.  In an outdoor space like a porch, you can add large planters with evergreens, berries, or pinecones.'

10. Create A Focal Point With A Christmas Wreath

Traditionally, we think of Christmas wreath ideas for front doors but this year you could use it on the Christmas dining room table as a centerpiece or on the wall as a festive focal point.

11. Adorn Your Kitchen With Fresh Foliage

Bring a festive feel to your home by adding a touch of Christmas to every corner of your home, kitchen included. Tapping into nature with fresh foliage, rustic materials and simple adornments is a fuss-free way to decorate your farmhouse kitchen for Christmas while creating a warm and welcoming look. The key is to opt for a cohesive style for maximum impact. Rustic Christmas decorations are appealing because of their effortless, authentic appearance, while a palette of natural greens and off-whites paired with materials such as linen and hessian complements almost every interior.

12. Stick To A Neutral Color Palette

Making sure your Christmas tree ideas are merry and bright is the most important decor choice you’ll make this holiday season.

13. Dress A Dining Table To Impress

Whether you're planning on serving a big feast or will be hosting a small intimate affair, a well-dressed Christmas dining room is more often than not the focal point for everyone's family celebrations. Restraining your color scheme to muted jewel tones provides the perfect backdrop for the main event on Christmas Day – the food. Turkey and all the trimmings will take center stage in your scheme, while plenty of candles and paper decorations will add depth to the scheme.

14. Decorate With Layered Neutrals

A restrained color palette can have a calming and elegant effect in a farmhouse Christmas scheme. For dining room ideas that work through the seasons, opt for natural simplicity, leaving bold patterns and brighter hues in favor of muted tones, clear glass and natural materials.

15. Welcome Visitors With A Tree Near The Entrance

It’s already a pretty big deal to have an actual tree inside your home, so sometimes keeping your Christmas hallway ideas simple is best. A pared-back look can be incredibly elegant, especially if you invest in quality decorations.

16. Make Your Own Rustic Wreath

This year’s festive wreaths are showpieces. They are big and bold, colorful and shapely, so much so that we say why stop at the front door? Use them to add a festive touch to every part of your home: hang them above the fireplace or over a mirror, in a window or in multiples up the staircase.

17. Set The Scene For Guests Come Christmas

At this time of year, there’s plenty of opportunity to have a little fun with your farmhouse bedroom ideas by introducing festive decorations that add color, texture and intrigue. Ensure guests receive a warm welcome to your home this Christmas by dressing your spare room in Christmas foliage, monogrammed stockings and a few festive treats upon arrival.

18. Decorate Your Mantel To Perfection

If you don't tend to do things by halves, then you certainly shouldn't leave your fireplace unadorned over the holidays. For your Christmas mantel decor ideas, you could go big with a sweeping arrangement of foliage, including draped elements of ivy, baubles or even clove-studded clementines on the ribbon, and festive stockings (although make sure these are well out of the way of flames, or easily removable for when the fire is lit).

19. Set The Table For A Festive Feast

Celebrating the season with an abundant display of greenery, real or faux or even a mix, creates such a welcome and you can style it all in advance which is a real time saver.

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