Ikea home office ideas – 11 practical and stylish schemes

1. Choose The Right Desk

Having an ergonomic office desk and an adjustable chair is essential when it comes to home offices and Ikea has a wide range available, from traditional style desks with side drawers to sleek and contemporary Scandi style designs. Sitting for long periods can impact health, so consider an adjustable sit or stand desk says as the TROTTEN design says Karen Haas, Ikea US business leader for Workspaces. 'Changing positions throughout the day is a game-changer. Alternating between sitting and standing increases circulation and reduces potentially harmful effects from sitting too long.'

2. Introduce Built-In Storage

Built-in furniture fitted floor-to-ceiling is a wonderful way to maximize storage space in a home office while keeping it feeling neat and tidy. However, bespoke solutions can be costly. As part of its modular systems, Ikea offers a wide range of standard-sized units that can be arranged in infinite ways to fit around your architecture and create your perfect layout.

3. Make The Most Of Unused Spaces

With the ability to be configured in all sorts of layouts, Ikea's modular cabinetry is great for creating practical workspaces in awkward spaces such as under stairs. Here its METOD cabinets with green doors and drawer fronts teamed with a simple wooden shelf have been used to integrate a compact workspace into the living space.

4. Create A Cozy Farmhouse Look

With many companies offering bespoke doors for Ikea cabinet systems you really can create any look you like, whether you're after farmhouse decor ideas or a contemporary minimalist look. Sarah Weirich @simplifythechaos achieved a cozy farmhouse office with DIY shaker doors from Semihandmade fitted to Ikea Sektion cabinets, finished in sage green. Layered rugs, burnished light fittings, and rejuvenation hardware all contribute to the warmth of the space.

5. Create A Workspace In The Bedroom

For those that don't have a separate room for a home office, the bedroom often doubles as an office space. It can also be handy to integrate a desk into a teenager's room to provide a quiet place to study. For a modern, crisp clean bedroom office idea, try integrating a desk into Ikea's multi-functional BOAXEL wall organization system. Unlike built-in storage systems, this open wall shelving can easily be changed if the function of the space should evolve, plus, it can also be used as a wardrobe system, too.

6. Opt For Freestanding Pieces

As well as fitted storage systems, Ikea offers a wide range of freestanding pieces which are particularly useful if your home office is used as a multi-functional space.

7. Zone An Office Space

With open-plan living rooms the norm for many, it can be tricky to find space to integrate a quiet workstation where you can stay focused and free from distractions. Similarly, when creating a workspace in a living area it's important to have some kind of separation to prevent work from impending on family life. A freestanding shelving unit or Ikea room dividers such as the TROTTEN shelving unit or this IDÅSEN unit can be a quick and easy way to zone the workspace.

8. Customise Ikea Office Furniture

As well as being functional, it's important that home offices are stylish and inspiring places to be in order to help us stay motivated. To instant bring personality, why not elevate a simple storage unit with designer touches to create a statement piece? Here Ikea's Bestå sideboard has been fitted with Superfront's Geometric doors in Ashton Grey, brass Twine handles and slender high legs to create a high-end look at a fraction of the price.

9. Create A Simple, Relaxing Space With Just A Few Pieces

The great thing about Ikea home office ideas is that with some creative thinking just a few pieces are enough to can transform a space, as demonstrated in this Ikea hack by Instagrammer and content creator @Jyll_Mackie. 'I used Ikea ALEX drawers but added 1/4 inch MDF trim to the drawer faces to give them a shaker look and finished them in Benjamin Moore's Oil Cloth shade. I built everything in and added a chunky desktop made from inexpensive plywood,' she explains.

10. Don't Forget Lighting

It's essential to get office lighting right in a home office as it can really impact your eyesight, well-being and productivity. Karen Haas, IKEA US Business Leader for Workspaces advises layering different lighting throughout a home office.

11. Balance Function With Style

When thinking about desks for a living room consider discrete stylish designs that will fit seamlessly with your decor so that the space remains relaxing and pleasant space to be. 'The LILLÅSEN desk is a neat desk made of durable bamboo. It looks good from all angles so you can place it in the middle of the room if it suits you best, and it has three A4-sized drawers for storing papers and other smaller items,' says Grant Robinson, interior design leader at IKEA UK.

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