Expo 2030: the largest solar farm project in the world

The world is getting ready for Expo 2030. Different cities are starting to compete for the opportunity to host the exhibition – and Rome is among them. As part of this application, a huge solar park is planned to be built near the Italian capital. It was designed by Carlo Ratti Associati in collaboration with architect Italo Rota and urbanist Richard Burdett. If chosen to host the event, this mosaic structure will become “the world’s largest urban solar farm.” The theme for World Expo 2030 is “People and Territories Together: Urban Revitalization, Inclusion, and Innovation”.

“Expo 2030 Roma aims to open new horizons for world exhibitions and other major events,” explained CRA founder Carlo Ratti. “Our master plan is experimenting with collective city-building processes, new energy distribution strategies, and inclusive urban transformations that go far beyond the time and space of the event.”

Another goal that the authors want to achieve with the help of a solar farm is to supply renewable energy to nearby areas. “Expo Solar Park’s master plan vision ensures that the event will not only revitalize the area, but help decarbonize it. Solar farm in Rome will cover an area of 150,000 square meters. meters and boasts a production capacity of 36 megawatts peak, making it the largest urban public solar farm in the world,” the studio said.

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