Eugeni Quitllet: a chair as a anthem to nature

Chair “Wild”, its author Eugeni Quitllet calls the chair Robinson Crusoe. The designer calls to think about our “green” future right now. The chair, which looks like intertwined vines, exists only as a virtual concept so far.

“I feel like Robinson Crusoe. Thinking about what would happen to one of my designs during this period of self-isolation if it was left in the wild… without human intervention. Like ivy covering it, creating a new structure… I see this moment, how nature takes its place everywhere, in the sea, in the air, in the land, in the city… and now in design! By listening to nature with all our senses, we will be closer to this beautiful harmony. And why not…we’ll grow chairs like vegetables and genetically modify the seeds to grow new designs! This design was created to open the door to a new beginning for this new era that is now beginning.”

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