For those who want to find a consonant with themselves, appreciate the feeling of comfort and naturalness, seek a return to their roots or keep memories of a distant country that has fallen into the soul.

Ethnic style is characterized by the presence in the interior of folklore elements belonging to the culture of a particular country.

Main! Do not mix different cultures. Do not hang the Mexican sombrero on a Japanese screen. Therefore, if you are going to decorate the interior in an ethnic style, then first of all you need to determine the culture of which people you want to see at the heart of your interior.

Ethnical style Features:


The free layout or centric, around the center of the living room.

Ochre shades (pale yellow, golden, terracotta, etc.), greenish or dark brown, olive, and other shades of natural umber are also appropriate, that is, colors that are called “earth” in the arsenal of artists. Dim, dim lighting.

The presence of pieces of furniture of authentic origin.

A large role in the creation of ethnic interiors is given to textile decorative elements. It can be furniture upholstery, blankets and bedspreads, carpets and rugs, and pillows with national patterns, motifs and patterns in the relevant theme.

The presence of furnishings, décor, having ethnic origin.