Easy to use Top 5 Living room trends of 2023

1. Fabric bouclé Fashionable fabric “lambs” looks both interesting and neutral. Although the boucle material became popular a few years ago, the trend is only gaining momentum and will not disappear in 2023. You can enter into the situation through upholstered furniture – for example, replace a sofa or add an armchair. An alternative option, which is even easier to implement, is new textiles. Plaid bouclé or decorative covers for sofa cushions will instantly make the interior more relevant and fresh. Thanks to the calm palette (bouclé is usually presented in white and cream shades), it will not be difficult to enter trendy elements.

2. Rich colors Along with neutral shades, the top has juicy and deep colors. If you have always wanted to add colors to the interior, but were afraid to take a chance, then now is the time to dare – you will fall into the trend! You will not have to completely change the situation or repaint the walls. You can add rich shades using a composition of posters (and their frames) or textiles – this is the easiest option. The method is more complicated, but also more spectacular – to paint part of the wall in the style of a color block. Geometric shapes of contrasting colors are good to highlight functional areas – at the workplace, dining table or behind the sofa. To support a particular color, in addition, purchase a small piece of furniture or decor in the same shade.

3. Colored blocks on the walls Touching upon the topic of partial painting, we came to another trend. Its essence is not only a color block but also the application of “arches” on the walls, the outline of doorways, windows, or frames with paintings, and painting baseboards. These ideas can also be implemented in one day. They come from the “Memphis” style and look very unusual. It is not necessary to resort to bright colors: if this does not go well with the already decorated interior or is not in your taste, choose more neutral shades. Such a design in 2023 will replace the accent walls in the usual sense.

4. Decorative lighting Spectacular lamps are now not just sources of lighting, but a way to decorate the space and place accents in it. Adding new local luminaires to the existing light will not be difficult – they are not only not necessary, but even undesirable to be from the same line or collection. An unusual floor lamp near the sofa, beautiful sconces on both sides of the TV, or pendant lamps in the center – to introduce a trend into the interior, start from your needs and “unfilled” with light areas of the room. Especially stylish and beautiful will look at glass and metal elements, as well as lamps of bizarre shapes.

5. Non-standard arrangement of furniture There has already been a lot of talk about the fact that the usual scheme “sofa in front of the TV” is increasingly losing its attractiveness. This year, the trend will be non-standard furnishing of the living room, in the center of which is not a TV zone. To join it, it will be enough to experiment with the furniture that you have, trying new scenarios. If there are other seats in the room besides the sofa, put them in front of each other – so you will give space for dialogue. If the sofa is standard against the wall, move it away, organizing a compact work area behind it, or place it in the center of the room. In 2023, it is generally better to avoid the tradition of placing all the furniture around the perimeter. Break it and see how the room will play in a new way even without acquisitions

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