How to choose the best carpet for your home

Which carpet is best suited for the living room, and which will be better for the bedroom? And what is the best in the hallway? Probably, you have already asked these questions more than once, but have not found the right solution. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will learn which carpets are better to buy for your home and get acquainted with the concepts of the right tone.

Choosing a carpet: what is better and what is worse? In the production of carpets, for a long time, such materials as wool and silk were involved. In the conditions of modern production, such unnatural raw materials as nylon, viscose, polyester, and much more are no longer neglected. Which carpet is better to buy, synthetic or natural? The question, of course, is price and quality, so here everyone decides for himself. The range of carpets is now simply unrealistically huge! You can choose for every taste and color.

Wool carpets Wool carpet is a stable classic, which is a testament to convenience and quality. Often they are made of sheep’s wool, which significantly affects their pricing policy. Such carpets harmoniously fit into the interior of the living room, demonstrating prosperity and a certain “elitism”.

Silk carpets Which carpet is better, silk or woolen? Silk carpets are much more expensive than woolen carpets because the process of their creation takes a longer time, and the material itself is very scarce because it is made of natural fibers that are created by the caterpillars of a silkworm butterfly.

Viscose carpets Which carpets are better in material for public areas? The best option would be a viscose carpet. This artificial material is created on the basis of cellulose, which is produced from the wood of coniferous trees.

Cotton carpets Which carpet is better for allergy sufferers? Cotton is a natural and harmless material that has a high thermal conductivity, and also perfectly absorbs moisture.

Jute carpets Jute is a fiber made from the plants of the shrub of the same name. Jute carpets are an environmentally friendly, natural, and very durable product. Jute is also used to make bags and ropes, which in itself indicates the quality and strength of the material. The only drawback of jute is the fear of water because exposure to moisture prevents the shock-absorbing properties of the carpet.

Carpets made of polyamide Polyamide is a synthetic fiber that is also used in the production of carpets. Which carpets are worse, and which are better? Reviews of experts about carpets made of polyamide are only positive, because they are very wear-resistant and durable, besides they are resistant to microbial effects.

Polyester carpets Which carpet will best replace a woolen one? Polyester-based carpets are very often compared with wool carpets not only because they are similar, but also because they have identical properties – durability, softness, resistance to deformation, and ease of sanitary operation. Speaking in plain language, polyester is acrylic fibers, which are very often used for the production of carpets, as an alternative to wool. Nowadays, such synthetic polymers as acrylic are used in the production of other products: clothes, blankets, yarn, as well as many fabrics of different textures (silky, matte, etc.).

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