Easy indoor plants – 10 plants for beginners

1. Ponytail Palm Or Bottle Plant

A quirky indoor plant that not only looks amazing but is happy to be neglected. Able to cope without water for weeks or months on end, it’s perfect for busy plant parents or those who are just plain forgetful. They are also extremely long-lived – with the same plant lasting for decades. Whilst they reach heights of 20 feet (6m) in the wild, they take their time to top 3ft (90cm) indoors.

2. Spider Plant

Everyone loves a spider plant, not just for its mass of stripy leaves and laidback attitude but for its easy-going nature too. One of the easiest air-purifying plants to grow at home, there are plenty of benefits of spider plants: they are reported to bring good luck with them and can even thrive under artificial light too.

3. Bird Of Paradise Plant

Also known as strelitzia, the bird of paradise looks as though it should be a complex plant to grow, but in fact, it is surprisingly straightforward. ‘The bird of paradise is one of the most beautiful tropical houseplants thanks to its distinctive deep blue and florescent orange flowers that resemble a bird flying,’ says, Patty Willems from elho.

4. Monstera

Incredibly forgiving and simple to care for, these large plants can cope with some over or under-watering and, in most cases, are pretty quick to recover. Preferring high-humid conditions with bright, indirect light they thrive well in a steamy bathroom, kitchen, or living area.

5. Anthurium

Instantly recognizable for their bold, curious blooms and large glossy leaves, exotic Anthurium are easy to look after. One of the best indoor flowering plants, it’s intriguing to learn that the flower is actually the tall spiky bit in the center of the ‘spathe’, which is a brightly colored, modified leaf with the purpose to attract insects.

6. ZZ Plant

Perfect for first-time plant parents, the ZZ or Ric-Rac plant is virtually indestructible, thriving on neglect. Able to survive with very little water and happy in relatively shady spots, this distinctive multi-branched plant with its dark green pointy leaves, makes it one of the toughest indoor plants around – for this reason it is one of the best winter houseplants. Ideal for hallways and bedrooms, where light is scarce.

7. Snake Plant Or Sansevieria

With their tall twisting sword-like leaves and stripy markings, snake plants are instantly recognizable and make impressive indoor plants. With a compact footprint and upright habit, they are ideal for positioning in corners, at entryways, and in front of north and east-facing windows without obscuring the view. A natural air purifier, snake plants are one of the best bedroom plants, they can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen during the night, aiding sleep.

8. Dracaena Deremensis Or Dragon Tree

On the hunt for a real statement indoor plant? Try the Dragon tree, one of the best indoor trees. Available as single or multiple potted canes, each are topped with a mophead of strappy leaves, creating an architectural yet fun feature. They are also one of the few tree-like indoor plants that can withstand low-light conditions, making them super useful for adding height and interest to almost any space.

9. String Of Hearts

One of the best low-maintenance indoor plants, String of hearts is extremely easy to look after being very tolerant of shade and pretty undemanding too. This delicate trailing plant features pairs of tiny heart-shaped leaves that are silver-grey with a rose-pink underside. Just like a succulent, it stores water in its long stems, and these can reach up to six and a half ft (2m) long.

10. Chinese Evergreen

If you are after an easy-grow plant with tons of decorative foliage, then these are for you. With so many varieties on offer, in fantastic shades of green, lime, pink and bronze, you’ll soon be curating your own to-die-for collection. Ranging from plain green leathery leaves through to plants with captivating spotted and striped foliage, they make a stunning display.  They are also a great choice of indoor low light plants, too.

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