We will tell you about life hacks that will help you fit a sink, bath, toilet, washing machine and many little things even in the smallest area.

Sliding doors If there is little space in the apartment, swing doors will “steal” even more space, even when they open outward. A great way to save square meters is sliding or barn doors . Glass inserts will help add light to the bathroom and make it cozier. In addition, the sliding door can be left open for ventilation.

Huge mirror Many people try to fill a small space with small things. But in the case of a mirror, you should act exactly the opposite. It is not practical to have a separate dressing table in a small bathroom. The mirror should be large; so you visually add volume to the room. If you stretch it over the entire wall, and not just over the sink, two people can use it at once, which adds to the practicality of the solution.

Functional furniture Manufacturers offer original furniture options to save space. For example, a compact set that combines a toilet, sink, and cabinet.

Sink above the washing machine In small apartments, you often have to make a choice – to put a shower cabin instead of a bathtub so that a washing machine can fit, or to take the last one to another room. So, in small apartments, you can find it in the hallway and or in the kitchen. Designers offer a practical option: place the washing machine under the sink. Suitable models are smaller and below average with a front-loading camera, but they are indispensable for a small bathroom.

Wall washing machine A super compact option for those who don’t need to do a lot of washing. The mounted washing machine weighs about 17 kg and is connected to the sewer with a thin drain hose. It takes up little space and at the same time is able to decorate the interior in the styles of minimalism and high-tech.

Column all-in-one This piece of furniture, based on a bar and pull-out tiers, looks like an art object when closed. Hardly anyone at first glance will understand what the column is in the bathroom.

Cabin with toilet Bathroom furnishing is complicated by high humidity and possible puddles. So, the owners of small rooms sometimes refuse open shelves, do not leave towels in the bathroom, and remove cosmetics. The designers propose to close the “wet zone” in the glazed module. Inside there is a toilet, shower, sink, mirror and small shelves. Such cabins can be installed in small studio apartments for one tenant.