Don’t Know Your Design Style? These Are the 5 Most Popular Ones


“I think traditional style has many interpretations,” says Decorist celebrity designer Charlotte Lucas of the most popular aesthetic. “To me, it’s about designing with classic pieces.”  The result doesn’t have to feel like your grandmother’s house—timeless elements can be personalized according to who’s living in the space.


“Modernism is usually about clean lines, thoughtful details, and a focus on sleek, honest materials—think: beautifully veined marble, refined metals, and glass,” says Dan Mazzarini, principal of BHDM Design. These pieces are likely just as beautiful and relevant today as they were when they were first designed.


Somewhere in between modern and traditional lies transitional design. The mishmash style is meant to make a space approachable. “It should feel not only welcoming but also clean, current, and fresh,” says Shea McGee, founder of Studio McGee.


“Anything goes, as long as everything means something to you,” says Decorist designer Max Humphrey. Eclectic homes are deeply personal; it’s up to the homeowner to define the aesthetic. While there are naturally fewer rules, Humphrey has a few tips to make it look its best: “A great room is full of stuff collected over time and is a mix of high-end and low-end, new and vintage.”

Mid-Century Modern

This beloved look comes in at number five on Decorist’s list. Take note: It’s widely referenced, but it has a pretty strict classification. Mid-century modern has roots in earlier styles, like Germany’s Bauhaus movement, and was also largely influenced by minimalist Scandinavian design.

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