Do front door colors mean anything? 7 popular colors and the meaning behind each one

1. Blue Front Door

This timeless color is cool, calm and contemporary and works well in both period and modern schemes. 'A beautifully painted front door is the way to my heart,' says Irene Gunter, co-founder, Gunter & Co. 'Even though neutrals are popular for interiors, external schemes often fall flat without the gusto of a generous splash of color. My favorite front door colors are those that put a smile on your face. Blues would be my first port of call.'

2. Black Front Door

First impressions count and you want to look smarter, cleaner and more inviting than your neighbors. For classic good looks, black is a winning choice for a front door color. Black is also said to be the one front door color that will add value to your property, so it is a great option if you are planning to sell.

3. Red Front Door

With no 'one' single meaning, a red front door is perhaps the most interesting of all colors. One of the most passsionate and life-enhancing colors to use, red offers a luxurious bank of positive energy. Historically, red has associations with wealth and status. In the 17th century, flashes of red dye were used on the soles of shoes worn by aristocratic courtiers to Louis XIV, while the use of a VIP red carpet goes back to Ancient Greece.

4. Green Front Door

The color green is something of a marvel; this wonderous hue has the ability to soothe, inspire and excite. A green front door promises to renew your connection to nature and is said to evoke feelings of balance, vibrancy, and good fortune.

5. Yellow Front Door

Be inspired to decorate your front door with yellow – the most cheerful color, guaranteed to inject warmth and creativity into any space. Yellow is shining a spotlight on our home's exteriors, and it is a popular Feng Shui front door color. As one of the most uplifting colors, it is not surprising that it is having a renaissance.

6. White Front Door

Put simply, a white front door will tell your neighbors that you are a clean, tidy, and organized person. A traditionalist at heart, the owner of a white door exudes confidence and sophistication. Many homeowners choose white for its timeless appeal, after all.

7. Purple Front Door

Purple rooms have been having a moment since Pantone announced ‘Very Peri’, a bold blue-violet, as its color of the year for 2023, and now we’re seeing the shade popping up on front doors everywhere.

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