Dining room trends 2023 – 7 key ways to update your dining space

1. Make The Most Of Multifunctionality

In the post-pandemic world, there is an increased emphasis on working from home or hybrid working. Because of this, we are placing more demands on our homes to provide both living and working space without having to convert a whole room to accommodate our home office ideas.

2. Seating That's Comfortable Enough For WFH

One way to facilitate this increased time you are spending working from home is to consider stylish but ergonomic furniture, say experts. ‘While the conversation was previously centered around the fact that workers were often sat in unsuitable chairs throughout the workday, people are becoming increasingly aware of how poor posture can come about from any sort of unsupportive seating.’ says Lucinda Newbound, ergonomics specialist at Back in Action.

3. Oversized Lighting

Obviously task lighting is a must if you'll be using your dining room to work from. That aside, over-sized lighting over the dining table is a big trend now. The dining room is a space that should feel cozy and welcoming but also needs to be practical. A key way to achieve this is through dining room lighting ideas.

4. Feature Walls That Feature Nature

You may be used to the idea of living room feature wall ideas, but they have become something of a hot trend for dining rooms, too. Scenes of nature, depicted by wall mural ideas like the one above, are particularly popular, with awareness perhaps heightened by Brigette Romanek's design of Gwyneth Paltrow's dining room, which featured a woodland scene.

5. Casual Tablescaping

'Tablescaping is one of those buzzwords that has gained wider recognition as the world started opening up and people started to socialize at home again,' says Lucy Searle, Editor in Chief, Homes & Gardens.

7. Freshen Up Traditional Pieces

Traditional dining room ideas have remained on trend due to their timeless appeal. However, the rise in consciousness of global warming and buying well once has led designers to lead the way in furnishing dining rooms with antiques.

7. The Broken-Plan Kitchen Diner

If you have an eye on kitchen trends, you will know that despite open-plan living becoming less popular as more of us are seeking privacy within our homes, kitchen diners maintaining their social appeal.

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