Dining Room Trends 2023: 12 Delectable Ideas for Feasting in Style

1. Natural Wood for a Rustic-yet-Sophisticated Look

As the world leans toward sustainably sourced natural materials, timber is certainly here to stay. Adding ethical wood to your interior through a table, chairs, or a feature wall can bring warmth and eco-friendliness to your space. It can also be used for many other fixtures, like flooring, decor, lighting, and more.

2. Light & Bright is Key

Dining room ideas for 2023 are rich in neutral tones and natural light. Embracing daylight, greenery, and cozy colors can bring a sense of serenity to the area. If sunlight isn’t an option for your dining room, incorporate gentle layers of light. Downlights, minimal pendants, and even skirting underlighting can work wonders.

3. Electric Styles & Pop Art

Electric decor and pop art are making a comeback in traditional and online dining room design. A great (sizable) piece of modern art on a dedicated wall, or a center placement that gleams with vivid colors, will make any room alluring. You can have fun with this 2023 dining room trend. Go all out with electric hues or keep it simple with one statement piece – like a feature wallpaper or wall art.

4. Live-Edge Wooden Dining Tables

We’re seeing more designers embrace organic dining room ideas, which means they’ll overflow in 2023. Live-edge wood tables showcase the natural shape of a tree in a practical form. It is a superb feature that promotes an earthy feel. Plus, once you pair it with contemporary, sleek chairs and decor, it’ll sing pleasing contrasts.

5. Trending Surfboard Dining Tables

Surfboard, oval, or oblong dining tables have created a buzz in the 2023 dining room trend projections. These semi-rectangular tables are a go-to for top designers and offer that much-needed space for a large family or gathering. The tables may be styled with chairs only or a banquette seating arrangement, which proves them very versatile.

6. Alternative Table Bases

Café, bistro, and dining tables are getting all the more flexible. In 2023, we can look forward to mixing and matching beyond chairs and décor. With a few popular merchants already in on the trend, many others are set to follow. You’ll be able to switch it up with a ball, an hourglass, or a wishbone-style base with a top of your preference.

7. Miss-Matched Dining Chairs

Don’t be afraid to miss-match chairs, within reason, when contemplating dining room chair trends in 2023. Pair Parsons or Windsor chairs with benches or banquette seating to bring more space and style to the room.

8. Trending Curved Dining Chairs

Although they have been around for many years, curved dining chairs get revamped in the coming year. Alongside the surfboard table style, the curved chair design can keep your dining room flowing. Beautiful rounded lines will undoubtedly bring balance in typically rectangular spaces. So, prepare to see plenty of curvy dining room trends and ideas in 2023.

9. Swivel Dining Room Chairs

Swivel chairs are an entertainer’s dream. With the easy movement to navigate conversations and more, having these chairs in your dining room will make a world of difference. They have also proven to be the more comfortable chair out of the myriad of seating options, so your guests and family will love you for it!

10. Trending Neutral Stone Hues

Keeping with the trend of rustic colors; neutral stone hues will be a big dining room trend in 2023. Pairing these tones with greens and browns gives the room a natural and refined feel. These stone colors are also easy to use on any canvas; walls, furniture, and decor.

11. Electric Eclectic

A pop of flashy color or electrifying features promotes a futuristic and exciting feel. Dining room color ideas in 2023 would be amiss without this style. A pop-art picture, an other-worldly light fixture, or a set of bright blue geometric chairs will impress your guests and family.

12. Warm Feature Walls

Feature walls come into their own in the dining room – no longer limited to living rooms or bedrooms. Warm tones are especially popular for the coming seasons. Moreover, you can incorporate the trend with organic materials – from wood to cork to honey-brown stone. Pair with gentle yellow and black, and you’ll have designed a beautifully chic space.

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