Design of the kitchen-living room in a small apartment: 5 layouts

In modern apartments, combined spaces are not uncommon. Among the obvious advantages is the feeling of air and more space, which is especially important in small apartments. After all, thanks to successful redevelopment, you can get a free multifunctional space instead of several small rooms. A well-thought-out interior of the kitchen-living room will allow this room to become the heart of the house: the option is suitable for those who like to cook, and communicate with guests, and for those who do not need a separate kitchen at all.

Maria Chek: minimalist apartment Designer Maria Chek designed an apartment of 58 square meters. It is located in the new residential complex “Place in the Sun” in the Dagomys district, on the 12th floor of the building. The customers, a married couple from Moscow are modern representatives of the older generation who appreciate personal comfort and lead an active lifestyle.

Combination of historical decor with modern design A small apartment in an old St. Petersburg house designed by Vladimir Berezin. On an area of 40 square meters, the architect combined historical decor with modern design, keeping within a modest budget.

Buro5: modernist apartment of 43 sq. m. The design of a small apartment of 43 square meters. According to the buro5 project is due to the functional layout. Boris Denisyuk and Slava Baldinsky rounded the wall in the corridor to make it easier for the owner to fit into the narrow passage. It was this decision in the spirit of the architecture of Soviet modernism that dictated the choice of finishing materials, color palette, and design of the kitchen-living room.

Project U Concept: three rooms out of two

U Concept is a young Kyiv studio. Its participants called their project 2 + 1: after redevelopment, they added another one to the two existing rooms.

Sveta Khabeeva: apartment for rent

As a student of the British Higher School of Design, Sveta Khabeeva, as part of her coursework, designed an apartment of 50 square meters specifically for renting.

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