Design guide: 9 advises for a studio apartment

Yellow Dots

The interior of this apartment, designed by Antonina S., became the “Best Interior” in the MINIMALISM 2022 Award. The designer divided the functional areas with a glass partition and selected the dining and bedroom furniture in a modern style and a single color palette.

1. Rectangular table Rectangular tables are the most popular. When planning the length, keep in mind that on average, one person should have 60-70 cm of dining space. If you often receive guests, take a model with a sliding top or with “wings” on the sides, this will help add 2-3 extra seats.

2. And dining chairs Upholstered chairs are not only comfortable and comfortable but also create a more solemn atmosphere. When buying, pay attention to the base of the seat: the most durable materials are jute and nylon. For upholstery, choose textiles with a special impregnation that will protect the fabric from drops and splashes from the table.

3. Lamp with plafond-ball Or rather, a few above the dining table. Pendant lights look best in groups, provide directional light and help create a cozy atmosphere. That’s why designers love them so much.

4. Sconce light If you want to equip your kitchen or bedroom with a reading nook, you can’t do without a sconce. Pay attention to models on a long base that can be twisted in different directions. You can direct the light the way you want.

5. Bed with a simple headboard Let there be fewer decorative details in the furniture decoration: choose a bed without legs, with a smooth, straight-shaped headboard. For upholstery, velvet, velour, or micro-velvet is suitable – they are the most pleasant to the touch.

6. Bedside tables So that the cabinets do not take up much space and do not look bulky, take a model with one drawer and thin legs. If additional storage is not needed, you can put a compact coffee table instead of a cabinet. Another trick that designers use.

7. Mirror Mirrors will help expand the space of the room and add light to the interior. Be symmetrical: Hang a framed mirror on either side of your bed to create a harmonious look.

8. Decorative pillows A pile of pillows will add coziness and give the bed a look. Take one or two shades as a basis, and you can experiment with a print.

9. Carpet The finishing touch for arranging the sleeping area is a soft carpet. It will “outline” the boundaries, and assemble the bed and nightstands into one composition. And it is very useful in the off-season when there is no heating yet.

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