Design geniuses: 15 pieces of furniture and lights from famous architects

Items designed by famous architects with extensive world practice behind them. Rare, original, innovative.

Ron Arad  Do my chairs scream, “Look at us, we are a sculpture!”? They are just comfortable to sit on! The main thing is not to repeat yourself. That’s what I’m afraid of, like fire…

Norman Foster  To be an architect, you have to be optimistic, you have to believe in the future. And then everything is possible.

David Chipperfield  Explore architecture in volume, travel, try to see as much as possible off-screen…

Stephen Hall  Architecture is an all-consuming experience, a unity of phenomena in space, including light, sounds, smells, and tactile qualities of materials.

Toku, Paola Lenti.

Woven Watercolors capsule collection,cc-tapis.


Huara lamp, Artemide.

Quadrado, Minotti.

S-1500,  Snøhetta.

Ava, Molteni & C.

Setis 01, Budri.


Modou, Moroso.

Romeo, Flexform.

Span bench, Salvatori.

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